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This is a very common disease of bones and joints. Very common symptoms of arthritis is hardness and stiffness in the joints. Arthritis could affect one joint or other multiple joints as well. There are several types of arthritis. The very common type of arthritis is osteoarthritis.
The inflammatory pain seen visible in knuckles of hands around fingers, knees and hip bones. It causes pain when these affected areas are touched. It cause disability while working with inflammatory joints.
Rickets especially affect the people of adult ages. The people who are teens and kids are likely to develop arthritis and lesser chances to fall for it.
This is not a genetic disease but a type of Arthritis is transfer through inheritance this type is rheumatoid arthritis. The people who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis their children can also catch this disorder later in their ages.
Reason for having arthritis


people who are obese and overweight produced arthritis because over weight make burden on the knees.

Crack fracture

Minor fracture can also lead to the formation of this disease in the bones and joints.

Microbial infection
Bacteria can also penetrate to involve arthritis in further damage.

Diet issues

people who don’t eat much good proportion of calcium and vitamin D in their diet likely to fall prey for this disease.


The people who smoke a lot damage their bones more intensely and developed their in their bones.

Structure of bone

Bone is made up of porous structure with collagen tissues and joints are covered cartilage tissues to reduce friction while moving joints in performing daily tasks.
With the passage of time this cartilage and collagen start to break in granular pieces and joints lose their grip with bones. This situation tend to create inflammation in bones and joints. In initial stages swelling in the bones seen visible.

Treatment and cure

the arthritis is replacing fractured joined or tendon or adding lubricant to the inflammatory joint are treatment of this bone problem.
Another option for treating the damaged joint is making it with bio mechanical tendon.


to prevent and limiting it effect of arthritis is that in diet huge amount of milk should consumed. For taking exposure of vitamin D lay down in the Sun at the Time of dawn

Quit smoking as soon as possible because it damages the structure of bones.
These are the precautionary measure to avoid this.