functions of fibers

Functions of Fibers

The word fiber is derived from the ancient Latin word fibro means thread. The microscopic structure of fibers are little tiny threads. Fibers are mostly found in plants and vegetables and fruits that grow on them.
Your healthy diet is incomplete eating fiber in your daily meal.
Fibers are good for diet conscious people. It produce feeling of fullness of stomach and deter you for eating further. So it is very helpful in weight loss .it is also use for overcoming several diseases that come short in time.
It has very low amount of cholesterol so it regulate fat level which is already present in it is useful to overcoming high level of cholesterol.

Sources of fibers

  • Cereal
  • Beans
  • Bran food
  • Wheat
  • Maze
  • Dry fruits like almonds, cashew nuts
    These fibers come across in full form our body break it in to tiny pieces to attain energy.
    There are two types of fibers


This fiber is mystic or slightly absorbs or dissolved in water like a amalgam .this type of fiber is found in brown rice not in white rice or cereal which is not extracted with machines .it is found rich in dry fruits and raisins.

Insoluble fibers

This fibers are not digested either and move directly towards colon and stomach. These fibers relax the bowl movement and it also lose your stool and it release your constipation problem .it also ease your inflammation in the colon. Without fibers our body is not capable of digesting food properly so it is very necessary for having fibrous food in our meals.

Benefits of eating fibers

Remove or crush kidney stone

It breaks kidney stone into minor pieces and flushed away in urine.

Regulate sugar of blood

After eating fibrous food you likely to trigger hormones which regulate your sugar lever in the blood.

Remove acne

Fibers also allow your skin to purify its pores and remove acne and pimple.

Low fat food

As you know it is low fat food so it is good for cutting the obesity and fat .so it is very beneficial for obese people.

Flashes toxic elements

It removes toxic and waste elements from the blood keeping you fresh and healthy.

Disadvantages of eating too much fibers

Eating high amount of fibers for long term of time could make your stomach upset and can turn your mood in discomfort situation.
So eating a bowl rich in fibers are good for in taking it should not eaten in bulk.