balance your hormones naturally

Tips to Balance your Hormones Naturally

Unbalancing of hormones such as testosterone, estrogen, insulin and adrenaline are important chemicals which are present in human body. If one of them imbalances, then different kinds of diseases attacks to the human body including hair fall, acne, insomnia etc. so it is very important to maintain the ratio of these hormones. There are some foods and tips which helps to balance your hormones naturally.

You should always eat healthy fats. You can eat avocado and use coconut oil for this purpose. You should add one glass of milk regularly in your diet. Use of dry fruits is also very important to balance your hormones. Add a moderate portion of legumes in your meal to avoid imbalance of hormones.

Exercise is also very important because it helps to reduce inflammation, can help you to maintain a healthy weight, aids in getting better sleep and also helps to regulate your appetite. Lack of sleep is also causes this problem so always try to max 6 to 8 hours sleep and stick with a regular sleep wake cycle as much as possible.