stretch marks

Stretch Marks

Category : Women

Lining and strips over skin are known as stretch marks. In medical term these are referred as striate. These smudges especially appear on the thighs, butts and chests. These are produced due to rapid expansion of cell in the skin.
These scars could vary in colors and shapes. Some of them are straight and some are in circular form or mostly they are in random and arbitrary form.
These scars are appeared due to several reasons behind having these lining over body. Basic reason behind these scars is that skin grows rapidly and middle skin fail to track this change.
This sudden change can leave you with several scars on belly, breast or could appear parallel lines on the abdominal area. These stretches are painless. Due to rapid growth fibers of skin lost their elasticity and results are in forming arbitrary shape of scars.

Reasons for getting these scars and stretch marks

Puberty and adulthood
Obesity and weight gain
Medication treatment
Chemotherapy intervention


After  delivering the baby OE getting through pregnancy phase could bring you numerous scars and marks over your belly and thighs. The women who have more elasticity in their skin then they tend to have less scars over their bodies. On the other hand the women who have hard sort of skin they will grow several scars on their skins. Scars appear because baby grow in the belly and skin expands.

Puberty and adulthood

reaching towards puberty kids grow stretch marks on the body.

Weight gain

Due to muscle mass increment body develops stretch marks on the alignment of shoulders, chest or over the thighs. This is because body gain momentum and skin fail to achieve elasticity to follow these sudden changes. After losing weight your body will move back to its original position and shape and all traces of these stretches will also disappear.

Medical conditions

A disease known as Marwan can make you to fall through developing several scars on the body due to lack of elasticity. This is a genetic disorder. It happens due to overproduction of skin cells. These are due to inelasticity in middle layer of skin. This middle skin is dermis. That dermis grow slowly Abd upper skin moved forward and this gap is failed to complete. These stretch marks are lighter in skin complexion or dull pale in pigmentation.


Chemotherapy squeezes all the elasticity if the skin and stretches start to happen.


In initial stages these scars appear just like wrinkle and a little bit rash over body. Later on they become permanent.

Cure And treatment

Castor oil

Castor oil have been associated to cure many skin diseases. Put some Castor oil on the affected area then massage it in circular motion. Use this twice a day.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has the ability to heal wounds Abd scars of the skin with removing all the infections and germs. Extract aloe gel and mix almond oil in this mixture put this on skin and leave it to dry. Repeat this until you recover.