smoking kills

Smoking Kills

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Smoking is dangerous for health of a person. By the Department of Health and sciences, it’s written and mentioned on every pack of cigarette that it can damage your lungs and produce cancer in the body, every smoker read these precautions but don’t pay heed to such alarming precaution and prescription.

These are easily sold in market but question is that why danger precaution is not gathering attention of the smokers isn’t strange? On the other hand a man selling poison openly in the market and there is not a single law present to create hamper in the way of this dirty business.

Any merchant or seller do not describe or tell his customer that it is a poison packed in the wrapper or you can die by smoking this pack cigarette.

Smoking kills  just  like slow poison that slowly maybe people feel relief and enjoy smoking it  but

It’s just for short interval of time. It is fun for then teenage guys .this fun is damaging them inside and they will realize it later. This fun that gives you lot of diseases but you don’t feel its drastic affects and keep on doing smoking.

Cigarette smoke directly hits on your lungs it increased the danger of stroke in the brain damage,

Eye contractions, muscular degeneration, yellowing of white of eyes, lose abilities of smell and your taste buds also lose the ability to feel the distinguishment of different foods. Yellow teeth with cavities another gift of smoking.

Tooth decay is also associated with bad habit of smoking and sometimes bad breath coming out of your mouth make the smoker disgusted in front of their friends. Most important factor is that it triggers cancer of nose lips tongue and mouth in chain smokers.

No one can imagine how dangerous it is but they smoke for pleasure but it cuts 10 minutes when you smoke one cigarette .for the sake of health you should quit this habit.

It’s also creates burden on your pocket financially for example if you bought a cigarette pack daily. If you estimate it economically you will realize that rate case in 200 dollars to 250 dollars

Its huge amount and you are just burning your currency and buying several diseases in return. On the other hand it also can fluctuate and affect all over budget a to person who belongs to lower socio economic environment.

Smoking in homes, colleges and office and is too much irritating for society or to normal person (Non Smoker)

The person who don’t smoke and their friends do smoking near them mostly has same effects to others smoke near them so it’s very contagious. So you are also playing with the lives of others by doing so.

Addiction of smoking is hazardous for society and for the life upcoming generations and for the sake of your family so try to leave this habit and eat and drink fresh fruits.

It’s not anyone life it’s yours. Smoking leaves bad impacts on a person. Quit

Smoking and be a good society person and take care of your health.