Benefits of Radish:

reddishYou can use radish in your daily salad bowl. It has 95% of water in it. Daily use of radish keeps you safe from jaundice, piles, urinary disorder, cancer and constipation. Use of radish also help to reduce weight in a short period. It improves your respiratory system.
The water percentage in radish fills your water deficiency and keep you hydrated.


Health benefits of Pumpkin:

pumpkinUse pumpkin in your daily life and get rid from the following diseases:
• It helps to boost your vision, the people who have weak vision should eat pumpkin to boost their eye side.
• By eating pumpkin in your life you can sleep better.
• It provides a good dose of zinc which helps to boost men’s sexual health including potency and sex drive.
• All content of pumpkin including vitamin C, fiber and potassium helps to support heart health. Increased intakes of potassium reduce the risk of stroke and formation of kidney stones.


Add an apple in a day keeps a doctor away

appleApple has many benefits. Intake of apple in your daily life keeps away from the following dangerous diseases.
• Warding off breast cancer
• Reducing risk of diabetes
• Reducing risk of stroke
• Obesity
• Preventing dementia
• Reduce cholesterol
• Control your weight



eatTips to reduce indigestion:

Indigestion is the major problem facing many people in these days. To reduce this you should avoid eats spicy food it may be help to feel you uncomfortable. Don’t eat too fast. Make a habit to add salad bowl in your meal.

Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. Avoid late night eating and don’t try to relax after meal. Walk for at least 30 min after every meal. Drink water before your meal. Don’t drink water after meal. It produces gas in your stomach.


How to get healthy skin:

Every person on the world want a healthy and fresh skin, but skin needs some extra care. When you go outside use sunscreen on your face and hands, wear sun glasses and protective clothing.

Avoid smoking because it makes your skin look older and contributes to wrinkles. Adopt a healthy diet plan. Drink plenty of water. Treat your skin gently, avoid harsh soaps and shave your skin gently. Also moisturize your skin daily.


Drink Water to Flush Out Toxins:

If you take more calories by eating spicy and cheesy food you need to burn your all fat. You should prefer water instead of sweet beverages like soft drinks and juices. Water keeps your skin healthy and fresh.

By drinking 8 glass of water in a day you can burn nearly 100 calories. Water removes extra toxins from your body through sweat and urine.



Daily Exercise For Weight Lose:

You should walk on daily bases. Walk for at least 30 minutes to burn fats. Morning walk is better than evening walk. Stair climbing and rope jumping are easy way to lose weight.

Jumping rope burn 10 calories per minute so if u climb , climbing stair burns 0.17 calories on per step so if you will climb 21 steps of stairs you will reduce 3.57 calories in 21 steps.

Positive thinking:think-positive

People who think in a positive way can have a healthy and well-being life. You should spend 20 minutes in a day to relax your mind. Spend 5 minutes to take deep breathe inhale a breathe then exhale slowly and repeat this for five minutes. This will relax your mind.

Always consider all tasks and things happen around you in a positive way. By positive thinking you can away from dangerous diseases like cardiovascular disease, stroke, depression and cancer.