turmeric powder benefits

Turmeric Powder Benefits

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It had been a long time between wounds and turmeric powder. Turmeric root had been used for wounds since stone ages. Turmeric powder is widely used in Asian foods. In old ages people of Greek use turmeric powder for curing eternal wounds and they consider this turmeric root as a gift of God. It is unbelievable that on those phases of time people use to present turmeric root to the ailing persons. Many remedies were seen prominent regarding turmeric root in museums.

After reading such magical turmeric powder benefits you won’t be able to skip this in your daily meal. Turmeric powder is not only cure outer wounds but also leave good impact on inner wounds or inner sores. It uses to repair damage cells of the body.

How to make turmeric paste for wounds

First of all wash your hands properly your hands may contain any contamination. Take a proper ratio of turmeric powder looking your area of wound. Add some drops of water in the powder and make a thick paste that can adhere on the wound. You just need to put his paste beneath your bandage. Now leave your bandage of two day after this you will see further improvements in the wound.

Ointment for inflammation

If you are affected with the wounds that seems ok from the upper or front side but tickle pain while touching it then it is an inflammation. You don’t need to worry about this sort of trouble. For this we will make ointment to treat this. Extract turmeric powder from the kitchen jar keeping the view of affected area that proportion should be enough to apply over it. After that add a pinch of salt in it mix it well then pour some drops of mustard oil. Now your ointment is ready to use. Apply over affected area and cover with air tight that air won’t penetrate into this and relax for few days.

For inner pains

Turmeric powder is also able to heal inner hidden wounds .because it has anti inflammatory agents in it. It keeps the bacteria away from the affected parts. It relives pain from the body and makes you healthy. It also helps to produce healthy cells around the area of wound. Milk with turmeric powder is the remedy that you need to cure your pain. Stir 4 spoon of turmeric powder in a glass full of milk and drink it before going to bed. It kills the fungal infection of germs.

For adorable skin

If you have desire of flawless skin then God has created a wondering thing for you.A pinch of turmeric powder and squeeze a fresh lemon into it. Apply over your face and leave it for 15 minutes and rinse with water you will see astonishing affects of it.