cold and flu remedies

Cold and Flu Remedies

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There would be no human on earth that wasn’t affected by cold and flu. You would be agreed my statement claim right. Full form of cold is ‘’chronic obstruction of lung disease’’. It is a viral sort of disease and can affect other person who resides in your surroundings. Cold mostly affect the throat, sinuses and your vocal cord.The person who suffering from cold disease hold no interest in anything else, he just need cold and flu remedies. Initially this creates a fatigue type of pain in the body and muscles of the victim. Thorny throat with tickling pain in it and stuffy running nose with liquid and red eyes are common symptoms of cold disease.

Yes cold is contagious and other people can also catch cold through you. So it would be better for the sake of other you should sit in home. You should keep your basins and vessels separate from healthy people. You should not sneeze in front of gathering. The droplets of the malicious fluid can make other sick. Hide your napkin from children or use tissue instead of any cloth piece. Do not wipe fluid that runs from the nose from the clothes that you wear. You should keep it in mind that your wearable clothes and glass are contagious for the people. Kids are more vulnerable for catching cold.

In adults or kids cold could last or two weeks or prolong to three weeks only.

Remedies for cold

1.     Breaking congestion in the nose

For this purpose eat fruits that contain bulk form of water or drink plenty of water. Due to this your nose will be hydrated and moist. If you won’t drink plenty of water then this situation will generate thorny sensation in the nose just because of dehydration.

2.      For stuffy nose

Take a bowl that bulge steam out of it and incline your head toward it covering upper side with towel.

3.     Salt water for nasal block

Take 4 tea spoons of simple salt which does not contain any amount of iodine and add small proportion of baking soda in it and add some water the stir it well. Now pour this liquid in one nostril and sniff the other nostril. Then repeat this practice with the other nostril.

4.      Ginger tea

Tea which is made by boiling ginger root with cinnamon stick will provide stick from malicious cold.

5.      Boost up of vitamin C

It is necessary to add vitamin C in your meal because it will enhance your immunity and metabolic process of whole body and keep the infection not top spread further.