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5 Powerful Skincare Products You May Be Missing

Category : Women

When it comes to skincare, the focus tends to be on the hot new products (which are often pricey). But there are some basic Skincare  products that, while often overlooked, really do make a big difference. Here are 5 that will set you up for great skin – now and into future:

1. A hat you really love – one you will wear everywhere

My sister-in-law just had skin cancer surgery – on her scalp!  So be sure to protect your scalp with a hat – even if it’s just a baseball cap. A baseball cap also protects your forehead and your nose from sun damage which causes brown spots, wrinkles and skin cancers. A large, full brimmed hat is even better for protecting your face and neck. Shop around and choose one (or more!) that you love and will actually wear.

2. A high zinc (7-20 %) sunscreen

If there is only one thing that you do, this needs to be it! Why? Because UVA is present every day, even in cloudy weather, and it goes through window glass, including your car. Most sunscreens do NOT block UVA well, despite what they say on the label. The phrase “broad spectrum” does not mean that UVA is blocked.

Zinc is the ONLY sunscreen ingredient that blocks the full UVA spectrum. ‎When buying sunscreen look for one with 7-20% zinc, depending on where you live and how much you are in your car or outside.

3. A rash guard (swim shirt)

Okay, I know I’m a sun protection geek – but I love rash guards. A rash guard makes life in the sun so easy. You put it on and then just have to sunscreen your face, neck and legs – SO FAST! And, unlike sunscreen, a rash guard won’t wash off while you’re in the water.

Try the ones from this small Los Angeles company – They fit well, don’t restrict your movement, and are super cute. You can also find rash guards at retailers like J Crew (kudos to them for carrying), Coolibar, and Sun Precautions.

4. A great body scrub

Many people neglect the skin on their body, but you should treat the skin on your body almost as well as you do your face. Be sure to moisturize your skin after every bath or shower. And since cells get sluggish as we get older, it helps to do a full body scrub once or twice a month. Even better – soak in a 10 min Epsom salt bath first. Get a long-handled back brush to do your back. Scrubbing regularly will leave your skin suppler and less itchy and flakey.

5. Sunglasses that wrap around the sides 

Most of us look away from the sun – not directly into it – so light hits the sides of our face more often. Wrinkles around the eyes are caused by a combination of sun damage, smiling, and loss of support by the bone, fat and skin over time. You can reduce sun damage greatly by making sure your sunglasses wrap around the sides, especially for sports. And use a sunscreen made specifically for your eye area.