seasonal allergies

Seasonal Allergies and their Cure

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There are several reasons behind occurring of allergies in human. Surroundings and some special elements are responsible for allergies. Nature has gifted us with immunity system and they people who have weak and vulnerable immunities mostly get offended through the seasonal changes.

Respiration allergy

This respiration allergy usually cause by small particles like elements which enter through nostrils and make you ill through its internal side effects in whole body this all bad impact is known as allergy.

Dust particles and other pollutants are visible and main cause for allergy these particles mostly float in the air or in smoke of running vehicles. Moreover pollen grains are also responsible for spreading respiration allergy. Pollen grains are small particles of male plant which tend to fl toward female plant but in they do exist in air when a human inhale them they do enter in the nostrils of human.  Pollen allergy is also a seasonal allergy and shows their impacts in a certain season in which mating of special plants do happen. Almost whole world is familiar with the pollen allergy. On the top of that this allergy will show its symptoms when a certain type of plant will be spreading its pollen grain in the atmosphere.

Almost every type of allergy is painful for the person who is suffering from that phase.

Symptoms of allergy

  1. Cough
  2. Sneezing
  3. Respirational difficulty
  4. Running nose
  5. Irritation in nostrils
  6. Itching on skin
  7. Red smudges on skin
  8. vomiting

Precautionary parameters from pollen allergy

  • Cover your mouth and nose with the mask of cotton or other which is made up of thin fabric. Specially cover your mouth when you go outside.
  • The patient suffering from pollen allergy should keep it mind they should not go outside during morning 10am to 7p m in evening it is so because the density of pollen grain are on maximum in these hours.
  • Doors and window and other ventilators should remain closed during this season and make sure there is no other space through pollen grain can enter.
  • The use of air conditioner is beneficial if out air is not entering in you air. Use air freshener in the room and make it air tight.
  • Patient should relax and should not do dusting and brooming in these hours of seasonal allergies and cleaning should done with wet cloth that dust won’t  get any chance to float in the air, for cleaning of flour it should done with washing with water or moping should done on it.