cracked heels

Rupture/Cracked Heels

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In winter season cracked heels with several wound on skin are seen visible, these types of scars on heel are observed in the intensity of cold season. Although having cracked heels are very painful and disturbing problem among the people of all ages. Even prolonged situation can lead to bleeding in the feet and painful cramps are felt while walking.

Reasons for having cracked heels

There could be several reasons for having them and people of all ages do suffer from this disorder. We are going to mention some reason for emergence of cracked heels. You will not practice them to in order to care your heels

Standing and walking of lengthy duration

If you are habitual for walking on the steep paths and you do stand on your feet for lengthy duration then this habit generate a constant pressure on the muscles of feet and rupture them from inside. So if you are forced to walk or stand for many hours always choose that footwear which is very comfortable from soul or tend to provide much ease to your feet while walking or standing. So next time be careful while purchasing a pair of shoes for you.

Open shoes or sandals

This is another reason for ruining the beauty and softness of heels. In open shoes or in sandals heels are exposed to dirt and other pollutants. This extra dirt and tainting materials damage the skin of heels. Moreover in sandals or in open shoes feet are easily can be hit with thorns or with some other pointing things. So always wear close shoes it will make your feet safer and will protect them against all dirt particles or from thorny materials.

Small size shoes

When you go out for purchasing a pair of shoes make a wise choice and always grab that pair which is soft from inside with extra Cushing in the soul  and always try to walk in the before purchasing them if they fit in your foot then you should buy them . Always try to buy that shoes which is comfortable from inside and don’t try to buy that are difficult to fit in your foot because these toes of f=shoes can lead to cracked heels.

Other factors

Seasonal change could be a reason for having ruptured heels because advent of winter season our heels become dry and moisture in the disappeared so quickly. So apply lotion on them.

Olive oil and coconut oil

Wash your feet with a good shampoo then scrap the heels with a pumice stone. Let them dry for awhile after this apply warm coconut or olive oil on them. Repeat this practice for twice a day your heels will become just like baby softy skin.