Things that Disturb Metabolism

Things that Disturb Metabolism

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The word metabolism is very common term used in daily life but some people are unfamiliar with this and don’t know much about it. Usually this awareness is hold by some medical related people and other is layman to this. Basically metabolism is referred as all the chemical activities that are done on regular basis to maintain life of any living organism”.  Now you can understand why metabolism is very important and vital for all living organism and as well as for human beings.

Busy schedule life with boring life style leave bad impact on metabolism of body and on overall health of the person.

This physical and chemical conversion of chemical with in cells of human being is necessary to run the body.  We eat food and later on it is converted into molecules of sugar and further break down into pieces to gain energy. This is also a form of metabolism and this simple reaction also holds the basic rules of metabolic process to release energy. So in this way our body is dependent on metabolic reaction to carried out all reactions in the body.

Things which usually hamper or disturb metabolic process of body

Here we will discuss about those factors which try to inhibit or disturb the occurrence of metabolic process and how they affect the health of humans.

Caffeine addiction

If you drink too much coffee, tea and energy drink then you are the real culprit for ruining your health. This is so because these sorts of beverages contain a high level of caffeine in them. After consuming these drinks your body faces an abrupt change in the rate of metabolism. As you know caffeine is a very strong chemical acting as an enzyme to inhibit the happening of metabolism. For this reason you should quit intake of caffeine to reduce the risk of metabolic inhibition.

Sleepless nights

The people who do suffer from insomnia or do watch TV to spend their time and don’t get enough sleep are the people who damage the metabolic cycle. Our hormones are designed in this manner if we don’t get enough sleep we are going to interrupt our metabolic chain reaction. Later on it will cause chaos in our bodies.


Water is very important constituent of our body and it is extremely essential to carry chemical reaction in the body if our body lack the stock of water then we might going to lose some chemical activities in metabolism. In this way water also play an important role to drive metabolic reaction. Try to drink at least 3 liter of water daily. Water will enhance your metabolic activity and sooth the normal cycle.

How to boost metabolism in the body

These are the common ways to boost up metabolism for health.

Weight lifting and exercise

Always do exercise on daily basis and try to lift heavy weight to increase the level of metabolism because metabolic reaction is also linked with tissues of muscles when we do exercise these muscle tend to enhance the level of chemical reaction belong to them.

Certain type of food

Try to eat that food which is embedded with protein and fibers it will also trigger your metabolic process in the body and will keep you healthy through the life.