lose weight in a week

How to Lose Weight in a Week

Some people do not feel contented with their appearance just because of excessive weight on their body and wanted to shed it off at any cost in minimum required time. If you are one of them to looking forward for easy plans to kick out extra fat from the body to make it lean and fit you are at right place.

Here we will share some easy diet plans and tricks and you have to follow them to get your desired marvelous results in the shaping your figure.

Stick to the this diet plan

  1. In breakfast Multi grain bread with egg and accompany with coffee or tea with any sugar or sweetness
  2. In lunch should have boiled beef steak with a plate of salad.
  3. In dinner have a slice of any fruit along with cereal porridge.
  4. You should neglect oily food stuff or should have at least in a week.
  5. If you have addiction for the snacks between meals should have bowl of nuts or fruits.
  6. Fill your flask with warm and hot beverages like green tea or lemon grass tea. It will raise the rate of metabolism in you to burn calories.

Making of diet tea

Burn 7 cups of water with some sticks of cinnamon and add some paste of garlic into it and do not forget to add fenugreek in to this delicious tea. Now after boiling it add some leaves of lemon grass and stir it well.

Some other tactics

  • Eat bowl full of vegetables to fulfill your need of stomach it also gives your fiber and some important minerals to survive.
  • Drink a lot of water to burn extra fat. Due to deficiency of water our body due to water concentration store extra fat to reserve water that is the main reason of obesity. Water will also flush out extra toxins from the body and end up making you healthy and fit.
  • Do not eat fast food or junk food it go without minerals and health and stuffed with artificial material and making you round and chubby.
  • Do not eat extra dessert and sweets it will store fatness in the tummy and making your shape abnormal in front of mirror.
  • Do not skip your meal and eat light in the dinner so you go to bed after eating it and your body lack necessary workout this habit is making you obese.
  • Also nibble fresh fruits or salad full 0f fruits and also have citric juices like orange or other you love them.
  • Try some new exercises in the evening to keep yourself active and punctual.
  • After every meal try to walk 40 paces or drops dirty dishes in the sink this habit also prove fruitful for your fat burning.