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Intestinal Worms In Human Beings Its Symptoms and Remedy

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Many of us heard about the worms in our bodies that’s very obvious thing which is true fact. Some of us also experienced worst pain in our childhood after eating sweets/candies. Today I will let you know about the Intestinal worms in our bodies that causes disturbance in our life. Intestinal worm are parasite the true definition of parasite is that it live in the body of the victim get nutrition from the body of prey and in return it spread multiple diseases and infection to them.

There are two types of intestinal parasite one is helminthes and the other is protozoa.

Helminthes which are multicellular of organism which spread diseases and tapeworms, pin worms are types of pin worm. Protozoa is made-up of only single cell that can affect.

Tape worm

Tape worms are flat worms that responsible for several infection human bodies.  This spread through animals after grazing they fell prey of it so become infected so person who going to eat infected animal will also have this parasite. The main reason of developing tape worms in body is undercooked meat that we eat in hurry. Infection through tapeworm is generated can be treated easily. Although its symptoms are very visible among humans.

Pin worms

These are tiny creature and their appearance is just like thread, a white in color and too much small to see. Intestinal pinworms are very common among kids and toddlers. It remains in the intestine bur at night female crawl towards anus and sphincter and lay eggs into it. It causes severe type of itchiness in anal area and disturbing sensation and feeling of irritation

How we get through these worms

Water contamination is a common source of this parasite. The people who live in underdeveloped countries get easily these monsters on. We should drink boiled water to get save from this issue as we discussed earlier female pinworms lay eggs in anal region so people who scratch they get these eggs into the finger and hands become contaminated an spread to another person and we equally plunge other people into this matter. Bed sheets and clothes of affected person also act as vector so this is contagious problem. If you want t6o get rid of this you take care of 6your personal hygiene.


  • Itch and rash in anal region and presence mucous fluid common symptom of it
  • Gas and diarrhea
  • Deficiency of blood cells like anemia
  • Feeling of exhaustion and depression at night
  • Vomiting and nausea

Prevention and cure for intestinal worms

  • Eat antiseptic and anti fungal food that use to kill these parasite. Add raw juice of ginger into your diet it has stunning affects on killing in parasite. You should also relish the juice of beet root, carrot and pomegranate.
  • Make an amalgam of papaya seeds with honey to flush out all residing parasite.
  • Eating coconut can be proved awesome to remove these parasites out of your stomach.
  • Wash vegetables and fruits to keep yourself away from worms. Cook meat at optimum heat to burn all germs and worms.