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Infertility is very common problem and disorder. Among five couples one is suffering from infertility. In some cases men are defective and in some case women are defective. According to research 55 percent infertility is found in man and 45 percent infertility is find in women. In man the infertility is caused by thin motile and quantity is active motile is less than from optimum level. In one discharge of man the quantity of semen are 3.5 ml. daily 30 crores sperms are produced in the body of man.

How to infertility in men

Heat of summer and excessive exercise reduces the sperm count. If you keep yourself away from heat and exercise your sperm count would remain normal. Moreover stress, ailment and long hour work on computer also affect sperm count. Although one sperm is needed for pregnancy but most of sperms died on the way or do enter in wrong Fallopian tube that why million sperm are needed for pregnancy.

Reasons for having low sperm count and ovulation

  1. Temperature of testicles is lower than body temperature. If temperature of body and testicles become equal then chances of their death is obvious.
  2. If a person wear tight clothes and tight under wear and testicles are do attach with body then their temperature will become equal and death of sperms can happen. Therefore always wear a lose under wear and lose dress to provide comfort to the body.
  3. Don’t wash your body with warm water and take shower with cold water.
  4. Don’t keep laptop on the lap for long hours.
  5. Always eat balance diet and always eat that food which is packed with vitamin A and vitamin E.
  6. The people who do cycling their sperm count is less than normal level.
  7. The people who consume huge amount of alcohol do suffer more infertility than those who don’t use alcohol. The use of alcohol affects the process ovulation of woman and also sperm count of man.

How to avoid infertility in women

For conceiving woman should eat well and make it sure that her food contain folic acid and other necessary minerals these are very important for conceiving.

After ending of menstrual cycle a phase come when the chances of pregnancy are more than usual. Intercourse should done in that phase to get pregnant easily.

If you are too much addicted to soft drinks, chocolates and coffee then leave them all because these products have high level of caffeine which disturbs your conceiving level. Smoking also affects your fertility because nicotine chemical disturb your ovulation process so leave this bad habit to conceive a kid. These are some points you should keep in mind for getting pregnant.