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Cold Sores or Fever Blister

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Cold sores are little blister which are filled with some reddish watery fluid that contain usually pus or some other infectious fluid. Mostly these cold sore or blister happens to appear on the lips, mouth or any part of face. These just like little pimples and appear in the form of cluster or group. These blisters prolong up to several weeks if they are not cured. As I have mentioned it earlier these blisters are infectious and contain contagious fluid that can be catches by other people while interacting with you.

These cold sores are caused by virus so you should be careful while interacting with those people who are having this sort of disease like touching their used glass or utensil or touching them or kissing them is also harmful act.

Symptoms of cold sores

  1. Fever
  2. Pain in body
  3. Painful feelings in mouth
  4. Infection in throat


When you are going to have fever you will observe these blisters to come on the face this is the reason these are also called fever blister so common fever has this sign to come forward to show its sovereignty.

Pain in body

Yes other visible sign for having cold sores are pain in body and a feel of tire some in the body and as you have done a lot of work in the day and on the other hand you haven’t done anything hard so this is also a sign of having blister of fever.

Painful feelings of mouth

Sometimes it also provides several infections in the mouth such as swelling of gums and bleeding in them. Swelling of tongue is also seen common in some patient.

Infection in throat

If you are suffering from sore throat for very long span then be alert that can be a sign of cold sore. If you observed swelling in the tonsil and feel difficult to swallow food that you might be suffering from cold sore. You should rush to physician as soon as possible.

Reasons for having cold sores

There are several reasons for having them and we are mentioning some reason below.

Hormonal changes

Yes sudden hormonal changes could be culprit for having these cold sores. If these happened due to hormonal changes then you should not get worried about them because it will be normal after a while.

Stress and anxiety

In some people anxiety also trigger cold sores in them and it is also very common and ordinary to see them.

Climatic changes

Wintry season after  summer happen to cause a lot of changes in body human and one of these changes are cold sores, these type of climatic cold sores are very ordinary type of seasonal disease and you should not worry about them.