Premature Graying of Hair

Premature Graying of Hair

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When we born with dense , pigmented  hair but with passage of time these hair start to become dull in their shine or tend to grey either fully or sometimes from the tips of hair. Graying of hair is obvious thing for the adults of the people who cross their age above the years of 30s. Hence problem do occur when these whit hair appear in early teenage. Well that is a shocking to see white hair in a young age. Sometimes these hair appear in bunch or sometimes these white hair are from tips or sometimes are from shoot but not fully whit or not fully black. As these hair are partially in two pigments so these type of disorder is quite shocking and with plus point is that it is also embarrassing. The people who are suffering from this problem wanted to figure put their early graying of hair, in this article we will discuss all the factors which make your hair gray before reaching adulthood.

Genetic issue

If your parents observed grey hair in their teen age then this thing is obvious that the kids of these parents are also going to observe gray hair in their early 18s. This code of information is built in your DNA and no remedy is going to work on this situation.

Running out of melanin

Our body does hold a stock of melanin, actually melanin is pigmentation and it decides to dye the color of the appearance. With the passage of time and due to unhealthy life style of people this production of melanin is stopped and our hair pigmentation is also disturbed.

Fluctuation of hormones

With puberty and other factor affecting hormonal balance can lead to disturb the production of melanin and this can turn your hair in to grey ones.

Deficiency of vitamins

Well nutritional negligence can play a vital role in turning your hair colorless. The vitamins are held responsible for maintain a right proportion of for the melanin, the deficiency of vitamin B complex lead you to have white hair on head.

How to overcome premature graying of white hair

Proper diet

You should maintain a good diet that is full with multiple vitamins and mineral. The food which is rich with vitamins will enable you to maintain right proportion of melanin. Try to eat almonds and coconuts it fills nourish the scalp and reduce the affect of graying.

Massage with oil

Daily massage with lukewarm organic oil can also make a huge contribution in production of healthy melanin and also lesser the affect of graying.