benefits of mustard oil

Health Benefits of Mustard Oil (Sarson ka Tail)

benefits of mustard oil: It is extracted from mustard seeds. It is commonly used in foods and pickles. People mostly known mustard oil as sarson ka tail. As use in foods mustard oil also has many health benefits which are given below:

  • Skin health: it provides smooth and healthy skin, helps to remove dark spots.
  • Stop Sweat Glands: use of mustard oil help to stop over sweating. It help to maintain the temperature of your body.
  • Heart Health: it is full of with mono saturated and poly saturated which helps to maintain cholesterol level in the body and prevent you from heart strokes.
  • Digestion: it helps to boost the appetite and improve the stomach system which promotes the excretion system.
  • Hair Growth: mustard oil is full of with minerals and vitamin A, which is excellent in hair growth.