manicure and pedicure at home

Get Your Manicure And Pedicure At Home

In social gathering or meeting with friends people tend to look at your feet and hands. Crackled toes with chaped rough  hands are sign of  feets.

In this rampant age of grooming one can’t neglect the allure of the feet. Well groomed feet make stunning affect on the minds of others .Now you can do pedicure at home with convenient way. It will soothen your feet after hectic grind of work.

Grab these products

  1. Warm water
  2. Nail cutter
  3. Filer
  4. Foot filer
  5. Cutex
  6. Cotton pads
  7. Nail polish
  8. vinegar

How to Do Manicure

Rinse your hands properly with appropriate soap. Then remove your old nail polish with cotton soaked polish removal, pat slowly on the upper side of nails. Then cut the nail according to your desire. Take a luke warm water and add some drops of shampoo and vinegar. Soak your hands for several minutes

Massage them with lotion that that contain lactic acid.

How To Do Pedicure

First of all remove previous coated nail polish or paint with acetone and moisturized them.  Grab clipper and trim the nail and shape them with a filer. Take a tub add some shampoo add vinegar and rose water dip them for several minutes. Now it is time for exfoliation with foot filer rub your heel with it.

Use some scrub for upper skin of the feet. Take scrub in the pinch and rub over all area of the foot. If scrub is not available then use some sugar grains and mix them with baby oil.

It will remove dead skin from your foot. It is a best way to get silky smooth feet. Now this a time for rebuilding gorgeous look apply base coat with thin brush. Apply invisible nail paint before any other thing then apply dark coat as needed. Remove smudges of the nail polish around the toe fingers. Here your feet are ready to go.

Always cover your feet with sun screen before going outside. Keep your feet moisturized with cream or lotion.  Do pedicure on every weekend for best results..