how to reduce double chin

Top Exercise For Double Chin (Lose Face Fat)

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No doubt face is the index of whole body. Having chubby cheeks with double chin is almost referred with face fat. In this current age of time people love to have perfect jaw line but due to some genetic reason or unhealthy life style majority of people posses round face.

By hook or by cook people tend to get their desired perfect jaw line, for this they rush to dermatologist for expensive face lift. As a matter of fact face lift id a risky tool. Don’t rush to dermatologist first of all try the key points to get rid of bloated face.

You need to review your diet plan also. Here are some tips to observe.

Do   and   Don’t for Double Chin

Lower the intake of salt and sugar

Eat less salt because concentration of salt in our bodies which make to generate water retention.  There is a misconception that excess of salt doesn’t affect the body shape but reality is opposite. Consumtion of salt make you obese. Sugar does the same job for you obesity  “water rentention”  in the  whole body. If you are addict of sugar then consume  brown sugar instead of whit processed sugar. Brown sugar posses less calories than white sugar.

Drink a lot of water

If you are drinking less water than 64 ounces you are responsible for your puffy face. Smaller proportion water creats water retention that causes dehydration and more fat to store. Make a good habit to drink more water and eat fruits. The fibers of fruit will store water I your bodies

Prefer fruits with less sugar

Choose your fruits wisely. Don’t grab those fruits which contain more glucose as compared to your body needs. Avoid sugar cane, dates and lychee.

Now just follow these guidelines to get rid of Double Chin.

Working pressure in cheeks

Let blow plenty of air in the mouth , hold for several minutes then move this air into out. Repeat this practice until you feel tired. It will generate pressure on the tissues of on cheeks force them to loose fat.

Dropping jaws

As you can understand it from the caption it is a workout on the jaws. Simply relax your body postur then drop your lower jaw then lift it up. Repeat this 10 time then relax then repeat it again.

Fish pout

Try to imitate the pose of fish. Suck your both cheeks inward then try to grin then hold it back for 15 sec. repeat this daily for immediate results.

Moving head

Make your body straight on the chair then move your neck backward and stare upward like you are looking on the fan then stretch your neck back . it will create stress

Lips pull

Make a  letter  “O” with your lips then try to smile make it wider .it causes stress on the lower jaws and make your face lean and slim.  Do this on daily basis.

Cheek lifts

Sit on relax chair make you posture straight then make you neck upward pat you chin with your palm several times. Then move your neck downward and relax after a while repeat previous practice.