How to treat pimples

How to Treat Pimples/Acne

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In the teenage every youngster passes through the phase of pimples/acne. This monster leaves blemishes when it vanished. The acne is also further divided into two categories

  • black heads
  • white heads

excessive secretion by oil glands is the main reason behind acne which mostly appear on the cheeks ,chin or on forehead. People feel shambled when these black heads or whit heads appear on the face. People try to avoid social gathering after this attack of blemishes on face.

How To Treat Pimples and Acne try these formulas which is given below.

Proper washing

If you possess oily skin then you have wash your face after some regular interval. Due to this your skin wont accumulate much oil that can create acne. Oil gathers in your pores will generate black heads and white heads while mixing with the dust particles. So rinse your face thoroughly with a good soap.


In open pores bacteria run under your skin so treat your epidermis in right way, grab a ice from the fridge and move it across your skin to block pores and the way of bacteria and oil which allow pimple to pop out on skin.


Sometimes disorders run in the families and just as family disease which offspring carry from their parents as a legacy. In this case you should not try any remedy immediately firstly you should consult your physician or dermatologist to help you out.

Hormonal imbalance

There are several types of acne one of among them which appear in teenage age of during puberty.

Puberty triggers the hormone to secrete on their peak values and allow glands to make more oil to moisture skin in this way our skin produce acne with puss. This is very adverse situation causes redness on face with acute pain. The affective person should seek help from dermatologist to avoid further chaos.

To overcome this trouble

Lemon juice
The lemon has astonishing affect on skin and a quick way to vanish it. Squeezed lemon juice will help the skin to remove microbes and bacteria in the pores. Dip  a cotton pad in lemon juice and apply over affective face and leave of overnight.
Tooth paste
For fastest result apply white tooth paste avoid crystal gel on skin. It will make your pore clean of bacteria and germ for a certain period of time. But remember one thing it should b applicable on pimple that contain liquid type puss. Just apply this remedy for 20 minutes not less than that.
It’s a very traditional method to empty skin pores from dust particles and oil.

Hot steam will open your skin pores and allow to breath freely.

Take large tub pour hot water into in and surround your neck and head with towel and plunge your face toward the pot of water. Encounter your face with steam for couple of minutes.
Garlic with honey
This veggie garlic is used in several medications for antifungal and antiviral purposes. It contain antiseptic properties which kill germ in less time. Make paste of garlic clove and mix it well with honey and apply over face and leave it for some time. It will leave your skin glowing and smooth.
Aloevera gel
To vanish acne and whit heads use some fresh squeezed gel. It has amazing affects on the skin. It has anti-inflammatory action on acne and black heads. It will remove bacteria from the roots of epidermis.