whooping Cough

Whooping Cough

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Whooping cough is a bacterial infection and also very contagious, other people can also catch it while interacting with you. It usually does not quickly show its symptoms. It almost takes two weeks to show its symptoms completely. The whooping cough is cause by the bacteria which is famous with the name Bordetella  it make respiratory system vulnerable and cause inflammation and swelling into it. It is famous all over the world. Every country has some different ratio of the patients suffering from this disease.

On initial stages it do resemble with common cold with the passage of time patient realizes that he had been victim of this cruel disease. This disease is also known or referred as “pertussis”.

Symptoms of pertussis

Cough with vomiting is seen visible. Patient suffers from cough with whoop sound inside the chest and tends to vomit immediately after that. This cough would be painful for the patient.

Cold and fever and running nose with watery eyes are visible and common symptoms of the whooping cough. Congestion in the nose with thorny throat is causing trouble for the suffering patient. Distortions in breath are seen common. In some cases patient take pauses in breath and feel difficult to breathe normally. These coughs are very violent in the kids. This cough attacks are very high in the night time. The droplets after cough come across also harm others people. The people who have less immunity can catch this infection immediately.

Prevention through this disease

It is bacterial infection that intervents our bodies badly and highly contagious in its spreading through breath of affected person. So a person is suffering from this disuse healthy people should remain separate and alone to keep them safe. As you know it is a respiratory infection so it is spread through breath in the surroundings so patient should use mask on his mouth. If it is prolonged and does not treated in good way it also can turn into pneumonia. After turning into acute whooping cough the bleeding through nose and mouth also witnessed. The voice of patient turn harness.

What are risk factors of the whooping cough

Breathing and sneezing are the risk factors of the whooping cough.

How to pacify whooping cough at home

  • Rest on the bed and don’t talk much.
  • Drink hot soups and drink huge amount of water to avoid dehydration.
  • Do not sneeze in the gathering
  • Use your vaccines properly.