vaginal thrush

Vaginal Thrush

Vaginal Thrush is a bacterial disease and it is caused by a yeast which is referred as “Candida albicans “it gown in the sexual organ of the female and it also harm it equally. Every fourth woman affected this disease in her whole life but do not disclose to other due to shame. It is very taboo in our society. This yeast live in the vagina and its surroundings like in the vulva and it also grows there generation there as well. When it grow from a certain limit it causes trouble for the affected person

Symptoms of vaginal thrush

Vaginal discharge

In this thrush white vaginal discharge is seen visible. It wets the cloth of female. This discharge has pungent smell sometimes this discharge contains some pigmentation in it.


It causes itching and rash in the vaginal opening. This is very a discomfort able for the affected female. This female feels difficulty while sitting and interacting with other people.


Yes swelling is also caused by this infection and redness of skin is common symptoms.

Rupture vaginal skin

Other symptom is minor cuts and rupture skin of the vulva.

Pain in intercourse

It is painful experience while performing in the bed.

Burning sensation while urinating

Feeling of burning sensation and itchiness is felt while passing urine.

Pain jerks after applying unnatural things

Painful experience is felt while applying hair removal creams on the vagina.

How to prevent vaginal thrush

  1. Always throw water in the toilet bowl before sitting on it. Excess water will flush all the micro organism germs on it and your chances of catching vaginal thrush would be less.
  2. Always use antifungal cream in the vagina.
  3. Once in a day wash your vagina with any micro organism killer chemical.
  4. After having intercourses take shower as soon as possible.
  5. Avoid the use of public toilet because these toilets have higher rates of contamination of germs and yeast on them.
  6. Do not use panty and under garments of other people they may suffering from many physical disorder and you can catch them immediately.
  7. Always use a lubricant while having sex.
  8. Always iron on your clothes on higher temperature it will roast the entire germ at once.
  9. Always wash your under garments with antiseptic chemical because under garment have excess of germs on it.
  10. After washing your undergarments showcase them in the sunlight because sunlight is natural killer of micro organism germs.