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Tips to Remove Makeup

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Makeup is the need of every women. All women or girls like to do makeup when go outside for job or in a party. Most of women use waterproof makeup and other uses non waterproof makeup. At the day end, before going to sleep removal of makeup is necessary for healthy skin. If you will sleep with makeup, it will clog your skin pores and cause acne or inflammation on your skin. Here I am telling you tips to remove makeup easily. First you need to remove your base. Take a small portion of cleanser or cold cream in your palm and massage your face gently.

Cleanser will easily remove makeup from your face. If you use waterproof eye-shade on your eyes then it’s difficult to remove with face wash or soap. For this take a cotton ball and apply Vaseline or petroleum jelly on cotton ball. Rub this cotton ball on your both eyes and remove eye-shades. To remove lipstick apply a small portion of cleanser on damp cotton ball and rub it on your lips inward direction. After removing makeup wash your face with gentle face wash or soap and pat dry. Make sure that you apply moisturizer on your skin before sleeping.