prostate cancer & Baldness

The Link Between Baldness And Prostate Cancer

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There is a bad news a new study suggests that men who are facing hair loss issue due to male pattern baldness may be at risk of dying from “prostate cancer”.

“This study found a bigger risk for violent prostate cancer just in men with a very precise pattern of hairlessness, baldness at the front and moderate hair-thinning on the top of the head, at the age of 45. But we see no increased risk for any form of prostate cancer in men with other hair-loss patterns.

While this data show a major risk for a link between the development of baldness and violent prostate cancer, it’s also soon to apply this result to patient care.”

The researchers in detail said both prostate cancer and male pattern baldness could mutually be caused by high levels of male sex hormones and their receptors.

Male pattern baldness, which is likely to run in families, is connected to higher levels of pass hormones such as testosterone.

These reason hair follicles on the head to become weaker, thinner and eventually stop producing hair.

Prostate-cancer is also fueled by testosterone, telling a general denominator.

While the research still need to be confirmed by further studies, the researchers consider that medical assessment of baldness may be helpful in identifying men who are at higher risk for aggressive prostate cancer.