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Most Common Nervous Habits

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Nervous habits are those habits which tend to ride on your nerves. Almost these nervous habits control you gesture voluntarily and involuntarily. These all over affects your body language and also leave deep impact on the communication skills. Frequent nervous habits are due to over stress or anxiety could be another culprit for this disorder.
Here we will mention some nervous habits and ways to get rid of them permanently.

Biting nails

This is very common type of nervous habit. This habit make you victim since your childhood. If you ever observe this habit in your kid then you should take strict action against this. Make him aware about the flaws of this habit and reward them if they promise to quit. This sense of reward and pleasure will assist them in quitting this. Engage your kid in healthy activities. Describe your kids and adults that biting nail can contaminate their mouths and further damage their stomach because they are transferring germs through their nail. Pins worm do transfer through those people who are fond of biting nails.

Grinding of teeth

Another common sort of nervous habit is grinding teeth. This habit shows lack of with stand toward pressure of work. A person suffering from this can easily loose self power to face reality. On the other hand these habits damage your teeth physically. Continuously grinding teeth can produce pain in jaws and gums. It tends to created sensitivity in the teeth because grind uncovered the roots of gums and making their nerves naked. This habit will make your situation vulnerable you should quit this habit as soon as possible. For quitting this you should carry healthy snack with you like almonds or raisin whenever this desire of grinding teeth triggers you put handful snacks in your mouth. Sooner or later you will forget this nasty habit.

Sucking pen and nibbling pencil

This habit is mostly seen in student or in office employees. When pressure of work is increased increase on them they unconsciously try to suck the tip of pen or they try to nibble the upper end of pencil and sometimes tear them apart in little pieces. This habit is also not good for health because it Aldo transfer germ toward your mouth and result making you ill. For the quitting these habits try to make your hands busy like playing with stationary accessories present on your table. After a span of time you will be able to leave this habit.

Nibbling lower or upper lips

This habit is also belongs to the group of nervous habit and people feel helpless to quit this habit. The main reason behind this habit can be hunger pangs or due to mystic absorb in the reading or listening to the people. For this make your mind aware to quit this habit like listening  good music to concentrate on goodness.