rose water benefits for skin

Rose Water Benefits for Skin

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It has many benefits for skin, it has inflammatory properties that helps to repair the broken and damaged skin. It helps to reduce the redness of skin. It helps to heal the scars, wounds and cuts. Daily use of rose water keeps your skin moisturize and gives smoothness to your skin. After a long day work you feel tired, your eyes becomes puffy. Dip a cotton ball in cold rose water and put it on closed eyes and leave for 5 minutes. It will reduce the puffiness of your eyes.

Rose water also helps to treat with acne prone skin.  It helps to reduce the redness of acne. Because it has anti-bacterial properties. It helps to maintain PH balance of skin. It helps to control excessive oil from skin. The essence of rose water is very helpful for mood, helps to stay away you from anxiety and keeps your mood relaxed.