how to get pink lips

How to Get Baby Pink Soft Lips

A perfect face with huge grin is not less than adorable pack of makeup that you can wear whole day.

A smile embedded with Baby Pink Soft Lips would be awesome panacea for people around you. Indeed some people are less privileged to get glowing pink lips and feel shy to smile in order to conceal their flaw of dark black lips.

They always try to find easy ways to turn their lips into smooth pink ones.

Reason behind dark rough lips

  • Smoking is one of the common persisting problem which is encounter by dark lips holder. Excess quantity of nicotine burns the upper layer of lips make them dull as compared to non smokers. During the initial days of smoking a dark thin line appears over the edges of lips. You should quit the smoking as soon as possible.
  • Another culprit of dark brown edges of lips is excessive intake of caffeine. The people who drink several cups of tea and coffee tend to more inclined to get dry rough lips. We should not drink or take tae more than three cups a day. Reduce the consumption of caffeine in daily life.
  • Exposure to sun could be a genuine reason for getting defective lips. Wear a lipstick or lip balm which contain sun screen in it

Here are some easy tricks to do that task with your home ingredients to have luscious type of soft lips.

Pomegranate seeds and rose water

Pomegranate seeds have quality to erase darkness from the lips and it also removes dead cells from the upper layer of epidermis. Crush a spoon full of pomegranate seeds and mix milk into this and apply for thirty minutes on dark rough lips. This paste will also keep your lips hydrated.


Yes beetroot can turn your rough lips into pink rosy ones. Beetroot has the ability to bleach darker areas of skin. Extract fresh juice from beetroot and apply over night and rinse it off with water. After a month you will feel the difference.


Aloevera has the antiseptic and anti fungal qualities. Cut fresh stalks of aloevera and pull gel out of this.rub over your corner of the lips then wash away.

Olive oil and sugar

Exfoliating is good for kicking out dead cells from the edges and corners of lips. Add sugar into olive oil and massage it well on lips, it will leave your lips smooth and in lush condition.

Milk cream

Cream of milk is the great moisturizer for all skin type and can be used to glow your lips and make them pink. Apply thick layer cream on the lips and leave for rest of the night and wash it off in morning.