how to increase sex drive

How To Increase Sex Drive/Boosting Libido

How many times you heard the word low libido. Libido is called sexual desire for the sex is natural and instinct and inevitable to shake off. The energy of sexual appetite is basic component of life. But here some people complain about their low sexual inclination or low libido. The sexual drive vary person to person as height weight vary person to person. If a person is having low sexual drive then it’s time to figure out the reason behind the issue.

How low libido happens

It’s mostly happens to people but none of them want to talk about this topic and fell embarrass and shy discussion this with any one even with physician. Here are some issues that can cause lower sexual drive.

Physical problems

Physical problem pervasive in men like low testosterone level cause lower sexual appetite. Other factors can also affect this like excessive exercise and consumption of alcohol and smoking also generate this issue for your body. It causes bad impact on testosterone and testosterone help the muscle making and sperm production if the testosterone level decreases it also reduces your sexual interest.


Mental peace is very essential for love making. Person stressing their life with several hardships may suffer from low inclination toward sexual desires. Sustaining worries can cause problems in your relations. You should avoid depression and depression is culprit behind your bad relationships.


Level of testosterone is very high in teen and gradually decreases in age of forties. And lower libido is very prominent in age of 50s and 60s. You may suffer from erectile dysfunction. You may problem in erection of your sex organ and lack interest in orgasm.

So all these verity of factors affect low sexual urge so here we tell about the methods to boost up your sexual life.


If you want to sizzles your sexual life then do eat onion. Onion is great source of mineral that can push your testosterone level in the body. It also increase sufficient amount of cholesterol in the body to kick out other fats and keeps your body on the track. It also enhances sexual stamina of the body. You have to add some raw onion juice in your life it also build your sexual potency and also keep you away from the risk of stomach ulcer. In ancient times onion was famous for sex tonic.


As you know spinach has rich quantity of magnesium and calcium that clean up your blood vessels and help to pump blood easily. If you eat spinach then you are going have pleasurable arousal in the bed as some sex supplements do for you.


For sexual urge you should have enough amount of potassium in your diet and banana is complete remedy for the potassium supply and it also helpful in pumping blood in sex organ to fulfill your dreams.


The men who usually fond of eating tomatoes may feel good in their bed as compared to those who don’t relish tomatoes. Tomatoes are panacea for prostate cancer and also improve sperm quantity in males.


Juice of ginger use as sex optimizer in many countries if you want to boost your quality time in bed then you have to give the treat of ginger to your stomach.

Green tea

This brewed drink has several quantities that can persuade you to drink it. It has catechins that can  push blood in the vessels and widen up the space between them  further lead great pull of blood towards manhood. So green tea blows sexual excitement. Drinking three cups of green tea will keep you on track.