Causes of Insomnia

Causes Of Insomnia

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It is very common and usual thin that we lay down on bed but sleep doesn’t come to us earlier even doesn’t touch any laziness of slumber, in morning we feel state of dizziness and numbness in the body. Let’s discuss the ways to get deep sleep.  Here we will tell you Causes of Insomnia and simple ways to get rid from the load of insomnia.

Beverages with caffeine

The drinks and beverages that consist of caffeine are very harmful and killing towards sleep. Tea, coffee and energy drinks have high amount of caffeine in it. These drinks and beverages disturb our nervous system that brings sleep so we should not consume such drinks after evening. In this way chocolate and some other sweet deserts also contain caffeine so we should consume these stuff with extra care.

Meal timings

Meal timing also affects our sleep timings and one of the causes of insomnia If you eat meal earlier you will feel laziness and sleep earlier and eat your food when you want to get in bed. If you eat food later you will miss your sleeping schedules.try to eat with full stomach, empty stomach won’t cause any sleep signs in you. Drink several glass of water. This is a quick remedy to fall sleep earlier.

Electronic appliances

The electronic appliances and devices emit infrared radiation which disturb you sleep cycle and you feel hindrance in getting enough sleep. So you should not place electronic devices in your room. Don’t use cell phone in late night hours that will hamper your sleep and will engage you in shitty tasks.

Sleeping in noon

Sleeping after lunch is very good for health it refreshes you from whole day tiresome schedule and makes you fresh but you should not lie down on bed more than 45 minutes. Maximum hours spend on the name of afternoon sleep will also disturb you sleeping schedules at night.

Rest on holly day

Mostly people use to spend whole day in bed and enjoy their long hours with sleep, this habit also destroy you biological clock of sleep. Try to minimize the hours of rest and sleep in the day of holly day. This strategy won’t disturb your nervous system which is responsible for bringing sleep.

Drink for sleep

At night drink Luke warm mil with honey it will sooth your nervous system along with your muscles relaxation.

Interior color

Use light color in your bed room, bright and vibrant color arise aggression and anxiety along with insomnia in people.  So interior color do matter a lot, choose your interior color with great care.

Eating fresh fruits at night

This practice of eating fresh fruits at night can help you to get sleep earlier. It will regulate your blood pressure and calms you muscles to attain peaceful slumber. So always eat fruit before going to bed.