what to eat on empty stomach

What to Eat on Empty Stomach

It is very general and common saying that breakfast is too much necessary for our health. However some people prefer to skip daily breakfast and rather to eat lunch directly. Through this harmful practice these sorts of people feel slight laziness in their regular schedule of day. From all over the world doctors and nutritional experts suggest that breakfast is really essential for physical growth of the body. The people who use to skip their daily breakfast are more vulnerable to much disease and they have question of what to eat on empty stomach and its health benefits.Do you know there are several foods that could be harmful if you eat them with empty stomach? In this article we are creating a list of those food items which should be eaten with empty stomach and which shouldn’t. Pastries, cakes and those foods which are made up with the help of yeast should be avoided to eat with empty stomach because these bakery products can cause gas and inflammation in the stomach. Sweet meat is also dangerous to eat after waking up from the bed because it enhances the risk of diabetes. If yogurt is eaten with empty stomach it can cause to generate hydro chloric acid in the stomach which leads to burning sensation in the chest so eating yogurt with empty stomach is not beneficial for health. Guava has raw fibers which can damage chest if it eaten in the morning with empty stomach.

That’s why eating guava is not a good choice in the morning. Cucumber and other green vegetables do contain large amount of amino acids which is not good for empty stomach. Tomatoes have tannic acid in them which can cause acidity in stomach if they are eaten raw with empty stomach. On the other hand it also can produce gastric ulcer. Banana can also trigger the amount of magnesium in the blood and create distortions’ for the heart patients. Spicy food also can generate heat burn in the stomach so spicy food should be avoided. Carbonated drink causes harmful effects on empty stomach the slow down the circulation of blood. Citric fruits contain a certain type of acid that causes heat burning in the stomach. Our breakfast should be consisting on oat cereal because it reduces the affect of hydro choleric acid in the stomach and lowers its production level.

Wheat cereal is also good for stomach it flushes out toxic materials and it also contain folic acid and other abundant amount of vitamins’ and it also regulates digestion process. Eggs should be eaten in breakfast times it also cut down the extra fats from the body.  Water melon is also very beneficial to eat it is good for eyes and also wash up the stomach. According to latest researches eating blueberries can make you metabolism good and have awesome affect on your memory. The bread without yeast is also good option for mooning breakfast; it contains essential carbohydrates to start the day with potential of energy. Honeys with the combination of dry fruits are very good it will keep you active in whole day.