brain booster

Brain Booster/Food For Brain

Have you thought that if you are getting sufficient nutrition for your brain? If you kid or husband use to forget necessary detail of daily chores then don’t need to worry about these things.

Wholegrain meal

Eating smart food is very necessary for all ages. Always eat healthy food to provide your brain booster ingredients to support it in thinking and composing new ideas. Eating whole grain bread is good for brain functionality and keep it fit on new activities. In this way you should go after whole grain cereal not the processed ones. You should immediately quit pasta and other flours which are processed and should prefer brown bread and brown cereals.


Some species do contain omega-3 fatty acids which is basic element to treat the neurons of brain in order to maintain salmon fish on every week for proper intake of this rare mineral.

Natural oils

Yes natural occurring oils that are wrapped in fresh growing food on plants are very essential to keep the brain optimized and well sparking. To get these natural oils you have to eat soya beans and pumpkin seeds.

Adding protein in life

Protein is good for hair and for the neuron of brain. Eggs are full of proteins and whole range of vitamin B such as B6 AND B12 essential for keeping your memory sharp and to remember things for long span of time.

Rely on fresh vegetables

You will definitely fill your bowl with fresh gardened vegetables and fruits. Fresh vegetables have huge amount of vitamin A which is consumed in body for building new neuron for brain cells and without them you may feel blur and lose power of sighting and may occur night blindness. It also lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s   disease. Vegetables contain antioxidants that are healthy for boosting memory.

Avoid these habits to risk your memory

Limit computer hours

Minimize the time limit that you spend in working on screens like computer or watching TV. If you work late hours on light emitting source you should stare at darker places also.

Don’t quit breakfast

If you are habitual of skipping your daily breakfasts then you are likely to forget things more frequently than those who eat breakfast on daily basis. You should start with day with things made up from starch. And relish fresh juices of carrot and orange.

Reading in low light

You are plunging your brain into heavy task if you are reading novels or magazine in dim light. It affects the alertness of the brain as well. You should not read anything in moving vehicle or should not stare on sparking lights of fire or welding instrument.