improve sleep wake up cycle

How to Balancing your Sleep Wake Cycle

Insomnia is very common issue in every age of people. This leads many problems and issue like dizziness all the day, feeling pain in different parts of body including neck and back bone. Some of us thinks that how to balance sleep wake cycle, this is not a difficult thing. You just need to make little bit changes in your daily routine.

First you will need to stick to a routine. You should go to the bed at the same time and do the same task every night before going to bed. In winter you can take warm bath and in summer you can take mild cold bath before going to sleep. Bath causes the change in body temperature and allowing the mind to sleep quickly.

Do not eat too much at night, it’s a bad habit too. If you eat too much at night your stomach is full and you do not feel hunger in the next morning but if you eat less at night, your stomach will be empty in the morning and push you wake up at morning to feed it. Exercise is also very important for sleep. Do work out in every morning before starting your daily routine and do also 30 min workout in evening.