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balance your hormones naturally

Tips to Balance your Hormones Naturally

Unbalancing of hormones such as testosterone, estrogen, insulin and adrenaline are important chemicals which are present in human body. If one of them imbalances, then different kinds of diseases attacks to the human body including hair fall, acne, insomnia etc. so it is very important to maintain the ratio of these hormones. There are some foods and tips which helps to balance your hormones naturally.

You should always eat healthy fats. You can eat avocado and use coconut oil for this purpose. You should add one glass of milk regularly in your diet. Use of dry fruits is also very important to balance your hormones. Add a moderate portion of legumes in your meal to avoid imbalance of hormones.

Exercise is also very important because it helps to reduce inflammation, can help you to maintain a healthy weight, aids in getting better sleep and also helps to regulate your appetite. Lack of sleep is also causes this problem so always try to max 6 to 8 hours sleep and stick with a regular sleep wake cycle as much as possible.

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improve sleep wake up cycle

How to Balancing your Sleep Wake Cycle

Insomnia is very common issue in every age of people. This leads many problems and issue like dizziness all the day, feeling pain in different parts of body including neck and back bone. Some of us thinks that how to balance sleep wake cycle, this is not a difficult thing. You just need to make little bit changes in your daily routine.

First you will need to stick to a routine. You should go to the bed at the same time and do the same task every night before going to bed. In winter you can take warm bath and in summer you can take mild cold bath before going to sleep. Bath causes the change in body temperature and allowing the mind to sleep quickly.

Do not eat too much at night, it’s a bad habit too. If you eat too much at night your stomach is full and you do not feel hunger in the next morning but if you eat less at night, your stomach will be empty in the morning and push you wake up at morning to feed it. Exercise is also very important for sleep. Do work out in every morning before starting your daily routine and do also 30 min workout in evening.

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hepatitis c

5 Ways to Prevent Hepatitis C

Hepatitis c is a virus and can easily transmitted from one person to another through using useable things. It promote to the infection in body. There is no vaccine to prevent this dangerous disease. But you can reduce the risk of this disease by adopting the following precautions:

  • You should never share your razor, toothbrush, nail clipper and diabetes supplies that might have your blood on it.
  • Don’t donate your blood.
  • Do not share needles and other equipment such as spoons, cotton and water, if you continue to use needles to inject drugs.
  • When you go to the doctor for dental treatment, make sure that doctor always uses the clean and washed tools for your teeth treatment.
  • Ladies who have hepatitis c and feed their children, continue to feed your child, because hepatitis c cannot be spread through mother milk. Keep in mind, avoid to have crack on your nipples, this might increase the risk of spreading virus to your baby.

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reduce fat around ribs

Reduce Fat Around Ribs

Every women wants to have zero size figure. Fitness is the need of every person. Fat lose seems difficult, but you can easily achieve your goal by doing exercise and taking care of your diet. You can easily gain weight but reducing weight is more difficult task for everyone. When you start losing weight you have to need to burn fat off your entire body. Once you start focusing on fat lose you will need to do both exercise and diet that helps to reduce fat around your ribs.

First you will need to reduce the intake of your calories. Include vegetables and more fruits in your diet. Keep in mind you should prefer those fruit who have less sugar in it. Avoid or reduce the intake of cheese and butter. Do exercise daily in the morning and the evening. Do workout for max about 60 min, but do not do workout less than 30 min. you will need to set a goal for 30 to 60 min of aerobic exercises. Always choose those exercise that helps to stretch your body. When you will increase your activity you will definitely burn additional calories and fat. By doing this you can easily burn all over body fat.

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Neck Pain

How to get Relief from Neck Pain

This is very common issue in every third person. Person feel pain in bones, nerves and muscles. After a long day work people starts feel pain in neck. The reason behind this pain is most of people spend more time in front of computers and stick their neck at same position for long time. Due to this muscle of neck become weak and when you start look back your joint no longer moves smoothly. Most of people are worried because of this pain. Here I am writing remedies which you can follow to get relief from neck pain.

  1. Keep moving your neck after a short time, this will prevent you from neck stiffness.
  2. Take ice cube and slowly rub it on affected area for 2 minutes.
  3. When you start feel pain do exercise in slow motion, see up and down and from ear to ear.
  4. Lay down straightly on your sleeping bed and try to sleep without pillow.
  5. Take lukewarm olive oil in your palm and gently massage your neck muscles.
  6. Take small piece of towel and soak up in apple cider vinegar, put this towel in your paining area and leave of 1 hour.

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gums swelling

Gum Swelling Causes and Precautions

It’s a common problem in every person. Gums are full of with blood vessels.  They are very sensitive so they can easily harmed through excessive smoking and use of tobacco products. Here I am telling you more about gum swelling and their precautions. Most of people have habit that they do not brush their teeth before going to bed. Plaque in their teeth causes cavity and promotes to swell their gums. Incorrect brushing of teeth also causes for gum swelling. People take medicine to cure swelling.

You can get relief from swelling at home easily by using the following home remedies:

  • Salt Water: Add one teaspoon of salt in one glass of lukewarm water and mix it well. Rinse your mouth with this water twice a day.
  • Turmeric Powder: Take ¼ teaspoon of turmeric powder and make a past by adding small quantity of water. Apply this paste on effected area with you finger or brush then leave it for 5 minutes. Rinse your mouth with lukewarm water.
  • Aloe Vera: Take a gel of aloe vera and rub it on your swelling gums. Gently massage for 2 minutes and rinse with warm water.

If you feel your swelling is not recover by using these home remedies then you should consult with your dentist.

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Health Benefits of Fasting

Many studies have suggested that intermittent fasting has many benefits for health. There are many changing occur when we do not eat for a long time, our body starts using stored glucose it burns fat for energy , resulting in weight loss. There are a lot of health benefits of fasting, including weight loss, diabetes and many more.

In fasting you stop eating for many hours, then store energy of body helps you to do your work, this will allow body to burn fat effectively than regular dieting. Fasting also help you to speed up your metabolism, if you are facing with poor immune system then fasting will gives rest digestive system. Fasting also promotes healthy metabolic function. The people who are suffering from acne and should also keep fast, because a whole day empty stomach clean your body from toxins and regulate the function of other parts of body like liver, heart and kidney.

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benefits of morning walk for health

Benefits of Morning Walk for Health

Walk is very beneficial for every human being. To live life with slim and smart body every person need care in diet and also needs to do exercise and walk on regular basis. Some people go for a walk in morning and some go for a walk after a long day work to relax their mind. Both time walk has benefits. But benefits of morning walk for health is more effective. When you start your day with walk it improves your heart health, keeps you stay away from heart strokes.

It helps to maintain your blood pressure, sugar level and cholesterol level. The major benefit of morning walk is it helps to reduce your weight and tone up your body.

Fresh air in morning soothes your mood. Try to look greenery in the morning, because according to research looking at the trees and plants in morning improves your eye health and keep your mind calm and relax. Daily half an hour walk in a morning will help to prevent you from osteoporosis.

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tips to quit smoking

Tips to Quit Smoking

It is very difficult to quit smoking for those who are addicted. As we already know that smoking is injurious to health. It causes cancer. Adopt the following tips to quit smoking.

  1. Always think positive. Try to consider all happening around you in a positive way.
  2. Try to consider that you are in diet. This step helps to stop you from doing this.
  3. Make a list of all disadvantages of smoking. When you have feeling for smoking, read the list of these disadvantages.
  4. Chew a gum when you feel desire of cigarette.
  5. You should also change your routine of meal. After eating your meal sit on those area of your house where you cannot smoke. This step may be help you to quit smoking.

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reduce stress naturally

How to Reduce Stress Naturally

This is very common and increasing day by day. There are a lot of reasons behind this. Everyone has many problems and worries in their daily routines. These worries and problems leads to stress and many other major disease like depression, migraine etc. So here are some tips which helps to reduce stress naturally. First you will need to avoid any kind of stress. Don’t think too much about something.

Go for a walk with friends regularly. Share your thoughts or worries with your friends. You should also hangout with your family or friends once in a week. Avoid drugs, some people have almost no major worry in life but they continuously used drugs like cigarette and alcohol. Try avoid all of these things. Spend more time with your loved ones. Stay in gathering, interaction with friends keep change your mind and you feel happy and calm.

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