carbohydrate benefits

Do you know Carbohydrates Are Important in Fat Burning? Read to know

There are a lot exercises and diets for being smart and cutting extra fats.  One phrase which is commonly hear by many people that “I am trying to cutting carbs to lose weight”. This phrase really confused me because we all should know that burn fat you must use some carbs in your diet.  People thinking that carbohydrates are effect negatively for fat burning is a myth. In this blog post we are going to discuss why you must use carbs if you are losing weight. Yes, you read that properly, carbohydrates are essential to continuing fat burning despite of popular belief.
Many people have misconception that if someone wants to lose weight he/she must skip carbohydrates from their diet to burn fat quickly and effectively but believe me it is wrong.  Yes it is truth that if eaten in excessive quantity they can lead to gain weight, but this happens with any food. Cutting carbs can only effect short term in weight loss but with healthy carbs and exercise will do the same but for long term.
Why this is in the case of weight loss? Let me explain further.
Carbohydrates are preferred fuel for the body. When we are doing exercise our body consumes carbs from our muscle glycogen and from blood glucose for make ATP. ATP is energy that is required by our body in order do work. There are 3 main systems that produce ATP within body when we are doing exercise.
First is Phosphagen system which makes quick and immediate production of ATP. During exercise it doesn’t produce a large capacity of ATP. And the experts said it only works for approximately 14 seconds of exercise then it begins to off.  After the phospagen system is finished, Glycolysis then Start.

Glycolysis is the crash of glucose and release of ATP and pyruvic acid.
In the occurrence of oxygen pyruvic acid enters into the energy yielding cycle (Krebs Cycle) with fat in the mitochondria. Fat powers the energy yielding cycle (Krebs Cycle) But if you don’t have enough glucose available in body the glycolysis system slows down. , Without pyruvate, the krebs cycle goes slower and your metabolism turn down. So here is further explanation:  A slow metabolism = slow weight loss.
So the Conclusion of this blog is carbohydrates are needed to provide glucose to our body as an energy source.  This energy allows us to generate energy and workout. During our workout our body consumes the carbohydrates and in this process fats are burn down and utilize as well in a positive way. So you don’t have to fear of carbohydrates when want to lose. But always use a nice quantity which is not excessive. This is your energy cause that will let you to burn your fat.