What is Diabetes and How to Treat It

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This is a disorder in human beings in which sugar or glucose level is raised to alarming situation that can put your life into risk. Basically diabetes is associated with glands and it is caused by the disturbance in the endocrine gland. In fact pancreas itself does not adequate insulin that is capable of handling the  situation. Diabetes is a worse disease that can affect the whole body and cause certain problems diabetic patient cannot tackle the level of glucose that is present in his blood. Our body gains its energy through the bonds of sugar but diabetic person is unable to do so. Because patient lacks the quantity of insulin. Insulin is a hormone that transforms glucose into the useful energy to perform daily tasks and works. Insulin is produced by pancreas. When we eat food our meal is converted into glucose then into the energy.

Types of diabetes

There are two types of diabetes

  • type 1
  • type 2

Type 1

In this condition if diabetes our immune system kills the beta cell which is produced by pancreas so insulin does not affect production of glucose in the blood. The process of conversion of glucose into energy is ceased. This type of diabetes is arise in teenage and does not appear in the adulthood. Symptoms of this type are blurred vision, unusual thirst and pain in the muscles.

Type 2

When our body does not use insulin or insulin is not being used by our system that can poorly convert glucose into the energy then is type of diabetes is formed.

Gestational diabetes

In this type diabetes occurs appear for just time being. This condition shows its affect mostly in pregnancy.

Diabetes is very drastic sort of disease that invites other disease to attack. It can damage our pair of kidneys, swelling in the foot, blindness or corneas and heart disease like cardiac arrest, situation of erectile dysfunction.

Treatment of diabetes along with precaution

Every person should be aware of the risk and danger of this drastic disease which is diabetes. On earth every fourth person does suffer from this. You could not cure it without the advice of any trained physician. Basically in the treatment of diabetes it checked that weather medication is working on body or not affecting the level of glucose. In type T1 major changes in diet of patients are made on strict measurements.

Proper exercise are needed to carry out in treatment of this disease. Extra weight should be reduced because people having fat on their bodies do not promptly respond to the medicine which are taken in this whole interval. Another thing should be taken in consideration that patient should focus on low carb food or green leafy vegetables instead of red meat which is infused with calories.