Ways to Grow Long Nails

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Every second girl on the planet complaints about of her the broken and dull nail. This is not fault in her care and protection. She keenly try to seek new natural procedure to grow nails long enough without fear of breaking and damaging affect. Lustrous nail with glitter look awesome in sight. Here we will give you guide line to care about long and healthy nail you just have to follow these tricks.

Perfect diet and food that is recommended for longer nails

Like other organs our nails are also fed on vitamins and calcium. Nails and hair are made up from a kind of protein which is known as keratin. To give heavy dose and supply of keratin we should eat healthy food which includes vegetable and cereals not like junk foods that only contain fats.

Intake of calcium

Yes calcium also play vital role in enhancing the shine and luster of our beauty of nails whether it is our finger nails or our toe nails. Our finger nails grows rapidly and toenails grow slowly.eat dairy products like butter and cheese and drink milk daily you also can have yogurt in your daily diet. Intake will prove healthy for sake of your nails.

Eating green leafy vegetables

You should eat spinach .coriander and lettuce if you love you nails these substance will allow your body to trigger length of nails. These vegetable also producers of vitamin E, zinc and magnesium that make nails and hair stronger .you should not neglect chickpeas because it is greater source of vitamin B complex and protein. Dont forget to add pumpkin seeds in your diet it also have zinc and iron in it that will cause flow of blood beneath your nail and keep them fresh as compared to others who do not eat pumpkin seeds or chick peas.

Pineapple and strawberry

Deficiency of important elements like iron and zinc can make your nail rough and dull. If you want to make them vibrant and reddish then you should eat a bulk quantity of strawberries.eat a full bowl of strawberries or drink a glass of strawberry milk shake that would be a substitute of calcium and iron filled with sweetened and sour taste of pleasure. Pineapples also packed with vitamin B12 and also serve as store house of zinc, potassium and thiamin and folate.


If you run without basic minerals in daily life then you should take supplements with food that will boost your health of overall body and as well as length of nails. You should take biotin commonly known as vitam H and it escalates when we pass urine so its daily intake is necessary because it also convert food chemicals into the energy.

Applying olive oil

You should also make them hydrated and moisturized otherwise it will start breaking through edges.dip cotton with olive oil and rub along with it on the surface then leave it for 20 minutes.

Rubbing with garlic

You should also give them a doze of garlic it will make them strange enough to build longer life.