uric acid

Uric Acid and its Functionality

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Uric acid is a compound made up from carbon , nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen and its formula is C5H4N4O3.basically uric acid is a chemical formed when our body expels waste products in the blood. These waste materials are produced when our stomach is busy in conversion of food into energy. In this metabolic reaction several organic compounds of foods are broken down into smaller and in compact form. The food which contains high level of purine found culprit for high level of uric acid in blood.

If you are not from medical field the next question will come in your mind what is the purine? Purine is chemical substance which is found in some distinct type of foods. Purine is heterocyclic compound and you will find this thing crazy that our DNA material is also made up from this material type substance.purine are gained through food but it also get ripe when our cells are break down in pieces. Our bodies possessed natural filter plants to purify different chemicals and waste products and flush them out from our bodies in form of urine and feces. When our body is getting inadequate amount of uric acid in the blood it generates several issues and our kidney fail to respond to the percentage of uric acid in blood causes severe disease like gout. This gout disease is another form of arthritis in joints of bones or sometimes in toes foot and in fingers.

Our body also produces huge amount of uric acid when a patient is going through last stage of cancer and is cells are dying sudden death this process also accumulate large amount  of uric acid in blood. Our liver produce so much purine and mucus acid in intestine. The amount of uric acid eventually rise in the women who do not having their menstrual cycle in normal phase.

Other reason of high uric acid in blood that pair of kidneys are not working properly and not filtering wastage of uric acid and pouring it back to the blood.

Symptoms of gout disease in humans and prevention

  • This disease id linked with swelling of joints that mostly appear in night and these are referred as night attacks of gouty arthritis. The swelling is really prominent in the toe foot and in the joints of bones of wrist and ankles of foot
  • Chest pain and unrest through whole body are some symptoms are visible in gouty patients
  • Fluctuation in the heart beats is found the people who complaint about gout.
  • They people who are addict of alcoholic beverages are likely to build gout in their bodies.
  • Obesity another condition to drag you toward gouty arthritis, overweight people tend to complaint about swelling of joints.
  • The people who consume too much beef, mutton and fish are likely infected through gout because these foods are infused with purine that is major producer of uric acid.
  • Malt beverages are also responsible for this disease.