benefits of potato

Unbelievable Health Benefits of Potato

Whether potatoes are in salad or in curry these are more delicious vegetable. In every meal potato enhance the taste of food menu. This is most grown vegetable on the earth that is cultivate on whole year. Indeed every person is fond of potato especially children so every person is familiar with the taste of potato no person exist who don’t like potato. According to taste potato is included in most beneficial vegetables of the world.  Balance diet is not completed until unless potato is not in the food menu. There are many benefits of potato. In case of nutrition you can understand its qualities in this way a bowl of cooked potatoes are packed with 165 calories along with vitamin B complex, copper, vitamin C, manganese, phosphorus, folic acid with the hint of vitamin B3 elements. In spite of all these elements it consists of 29 percent carbohydrates along with 8 percent protein. It seems potato is just like a power house of energy. This vegetable is consisting of vitamin, protein and with minerals according to experts due to its nutritional facts this is the moist favorite vegetable for them. Due to these facts the nutritional list of potato is too much lengthy.

For the rapid growth of children boiled potatoes must be include in the meal. Especially for those kids who are thin and frail potatoes must be given to them twice in a day. Potato is also good for burning sensation in chest or stomach acidity. On the other hand potato also have unique quality in it this quality is that it has bleaching agent in it if you have burnt scars on skin you can get rid of these marks and scars by rubbing slice of potato on your skin. If you want to protect yourself from the negative effects of potatoes use it with spices. In eastern culture potato is known as the crown of all vegetables. Nutritional experts said so potatoes would be more beneficial to eat if they are cooked them with peels on them.

Although the use or consumption of potato more 250 gram is not beneficial for heath so use it in a moderate level. One thing should be  kept it mind that potato takes time to digest so people suffering from constipation or with weak stomach should use this vegetable with extra care. Moreover extraordinary use of potato can also cause rectal gas in the tummy.  On the other hand frequent use of potato in winter can also cause chest infection in children and in adults. The people who are suffering from diabetes use little amount of potatoes or so consume it with extra care as we know that potatoes contain huge amount of carbohydrates that can cause rapid increase in sugar level in the blood of diabetic patient. According to experts eating large amount of potatoes can also mock your disease of arthritis. So in this article we will recommend you to eat potato in moderate level to maintain good health.