tips to gain weight fast

Top 7 Easy Tips to Gain Weight Fast

Like weight loss some people wants to gain weight and look beautiful. This is just because those people have lean bodies and have no shape of their bodies. They try a lot of tricks but failed to gain weight. The following tips to gain weight fast will help you to get desire result:

  1. Eat more and more. Try to eat cheesy and fatty foods, because cheese is very helpful to gain weight.
  2. Don’t drink water before your meal, it fills your stomach and you will unable to get more calorie and will eat less.
  3. Try to use bigger plates for your meal.
  4. Drink coffee with sugar and cream.
  5. Add proteins and carbs in your diet instead of veggies and fruits. Protein helps to build muscle.
  6. Drink weight gainer shakes.
  7. Lift up a heavy weight and increase your stamina.