how to remove dard circles

The Best Treatment for Dark Circles

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Dark pigmentation under eyes is referred as dark circles these are also known as shadows. There are several reason could be possible behind dark circles. If you have developed dark circles under your eyes don’t worry, and follow the treatment mentioned below.

Some main cause of dark circles are mentioned

Dark circles could be appear due to genetic reason if someone got inheritance of  fair complexion then it is obvious  due to lack of sleep lower blood circulation cause capillaries to pull and cause darkness.

Growing age is basic element for dark circles because of aging affect skin losses its collagen hence becomes thin and vulnerable and shows veins and capillaries in a prominent way.

Seasonal allergy
Seasonal allergy could be a dominant factor behind dark circles different intake of vitamins cause inflammation in blood vessels to swell. Proper medication could trigger to solve this issue.

Deficiency of sleep
Sleep less than of 8 hours could generate dark circles on the other hand there is a misconception that over sleep doesn’t cause bad impact. People should take adequate sleep to tackle this sort of issue. Deprivation can generate dark pigmentation but over sleep also can do this for you so avoid over sleeping.

Other main factors
It also depend upon the lifestyle which you  may be the basic elements   of dark circles like excessive smoking, crying, drinking of alcohol and excessive intake of caffeine ,  physical stress and long hours in front of computer screen

Treatment for dark circles

Almond oil
For the alleviation of dark circles almond oil is beneficial to get rid of this pigmentation under eyes, you also can apply vitamin E for this purpose .pour some drops of almond oil on your palm and massage them in circular motion. Repeat this practice several times.

Cucumber has healthy and refreshing affect on skin, cut two slices of cucumber and chill the in fridge then put them over your eyes for couple of minutes it will provide you soothing affect. Other options is that, blend cucumber slice and add some drops of lemon then apply it to get rid of this problem.

Potato naturally has bleaching agent which lightens the skin tone. Grab fresh slice of potato and crush it into granular form then apply the juice with cotton pas on affected area .repeat this remedy to get your desired results.

Tomatoes are the best solution to get rid of dark circle. Take an average tomato and crush it to make thick paste and apply under the eyes for let them soak up for 20 minutes and rinse with water. Try this solution twice a week.