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How to Stop Hair Fall

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Hair fall is very common disease in female and also in male. This disease is prevalent without any gender discrimination in fact sometime it also happen to appear in youngster and teenagers also. The medical term of fair fall or hair loss is referred as alopecia. If hair fall further lead to baldness on the head. Hair fall mostly and frequently occur in male they go bald in early age as compared to woman

There are several reasons for being bald or hair loss you should go through them!

Deficiency of protein

In case you are not getting enough protein in your diet can causes alopecia and hair loss that ashamed you in front of others.

Hereditary issue

Sometimes our genes decide about the appearance of our body and how th

ey should look. When hair fall is genetic disorder and run in family just like diabetes that’s the basic reason for early hair fall even in some youngsters.

After delivery

Hormonal changes could be basic culprit for the hair loss in some females or not managing proper diet after delivery could be genuine reason for this sort of problem. They should take adequate amount of protein like fish after delivery to drag their daily life.

You just went off the pills

Another reason for losing your precious is medication. Taking birth control pill or stopping them suddenly can cause hair loss among women. So always use pill made by well reputed pharmacist company and with the prescription of proper physician.

Physical trauma

Mental tension or adverse environment or bad circumstances in life can let your hair fall from your scalp. So don’t panic on changes in the life or try to neglect the behavior of certain people.

Crush diets

Due to extreme type of diet or sudden weight loss can cause you to shed hair from your head. Be moderate in your diet take every edible in your food but eat less.

Over styling

Yes it can be a solid reason for going bald by head. Tight braids and over curved pony tail lead to hair fall.

Chemical treatment

Frequent exposure to chemical like perming, curling, straitening with serum can cause to uproot your hair from the scalp so always be conscious about using these chemicals treatment.

Treatment for hair loss

  • Aloevera paste can get you free from this problem, squeeze fresh gel from the aloevera and put in the average sized cup throw some coconut oil into this and apply on your remaining hair. Repeat this therapy for once a week.
  • Neem is embedded with several antiseptic and antifungal qualities that can inhibit your hair fall and provide luster to your hair.
  • Gooseberry is very good medicine for your falling hairs. Crush goose berry and apply wet on the scalp to stop this issue.
  • Onion and garlic paste is full with sulphur that is the element which present in the hair that can nourish the hair also.