Protection and Remedy of Piles

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Piles are very common illness and disease in PAKISTAN, it get complicated with handling it with quackish method. If this is cured on proper timing this disease won’t get extended with time. Piles are also known hemorrhoids. The word hemorrhoid is a Greek word and its meaning is bleeding and flow. A pile is caused by complications of constipation and generates pressure on the intestines and develop swelling in it. And several cuttings in the rectum and bleeding from wounds are common symptoms.

Types of piles

1.      Internal hemorrhoids

2.      External hemorrhoids

Internal hemorrhoids

In this type of piles anus got dropped from inning and internal bleeding start from it. This leaves very bad impact on whole body. Due to this disease our body becomes weak and vulnerable to other disease.

External hemorrhoids

These hemorrhoids are built in internal lining of rectum and pain is felt in the rectum during bowl movement.


  1. Pain and irritation in anus
  2. Itching and wetness in anal area.
  3. Blood in feces and in surroundings of anus.
  4. Deficiency of blood
  5. Pain in muscles
  6. Painful constipation
  7. Indigestion problem
  8. Head ache
  9. Irregular menstrual cycle


These are some symptoms of pile and hemorrhoids

Reason for having hemorrhoids

Genetic: if you ancestors were disturbed through piles then you may inherit with this disease. So genetic issue can increase the risk of piles.

Pregnancy: yes pregnancy could be a reason for having hemorrhoids. But these types of piles are of ordinary types and get recovered with the passage of time.

Age: age factor is one of the reason

Spicy or junk food: yes spicy or junk food with extra oil can be a reason for this.

Obesity: being fat and chubby can put you in risk for having pile and hemorrhoids.

Piles are disorder of intestine and its curable disease so you don’t need to worry about this.

Remedy of piles

First of all quit spicy food with extra spices and rely on greenish leafy vegetables such as spinach, lettuce and lady finger should be eaten. Other fruits like plum, guava and apple should be eaten after dinner and lunch. These vegetables and fruits enhance the capability and strength of the intestine. It also relaxes the bowl movement and provides comfort in passing stool.

  1. Before going to bed always eat grapes, figs can also release constipation and pain of hemorrhoids. Before going to bed eat Psyllium seed with yogurt you must eat this in the morning.
  2. Misvak can also relieve you from constant piles. Use misvak twice day.
  3. In night take a glass of Luke warm water and add 2 table spoon of olive oil and drink it. Through this you can also get rid of piles.
  4. Avoid eating egg plant and black pepper and red chili. Use milk before eating meal.