Mouth ulcers

Mouth Ulcers/Mouth Blister or Canker Sore

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Mouth ulcers are also known as mouth blister or canker sore. Every person has witnessed this disease. These ulcers could appear on the sides of gums or behind cheeks or upper the floor of tongue or beneath of it mostly happens to appear on the soft tissues of the mouth.

There could be several; reason for having them like beginning stage of fever, any mouth infection or due to the initial stage of herpes simplex.

These mouth ulcers are contagious and can spread to other so you should keep your glass and dishes away from the normal person.

In the beginning of mouth blister a red area paper where tissues of skin start to rupture from that side after that burning sensation evolve in to these canker sores.

While having this mouth sore chewing of food and drinking of water seems impossible and painful as well.

Reason for having blisters in mouth

  1. Initial stages of herpes simplex
  2. Due to damage tissues of the mouth
  3. Due to some fever
  4. Hormonal changes
  5. Chewing tobacco and caffeine
  6. Drinking carbonated drinks
  7. Eating spicy food
  8. Deficiency of vitamins
  9. Anemia or deficiency of iron and folic acid
  10. Due to mouth cancer
  11. Not drinking much water
  12. Medication process

Initial stage of herpes

It could viral infection that is very severe disease. If you do not recover your mouth blister after two weeks you should seek consultation with any physician.

Damage tissue

It could be due to some damage tissue while chewing cheeks and tongue and rupture further in a canker sore and painful sensation.


Yes some fevers also have this sort of symptoms and develop under cheeks and under tongue. It is not dangerous.

Hormonal changes

Due to stress in or changes in diet affect your hormonal cycle that affect further your body. In this case blister appears in the mouth to overcome disastrous result of hormonal imbalance.

Unhealthy life style

Your life style decides that you invite some disease or should kick them out. If you are living healthy life style then probability of disease is less if you are not doing so then you may develop several diseases. If you are addict of chewing tobacco and adding caffeine in your life then you may develop mouth sore. You should quit these bad habits in order to achieve good health of your mouth.

Carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks and sodas have higher concentration of sugar that create acidity in the stomach and in the intestine these acidity further lead to develop further blister in the mouth. You should consume healthy and natural drinks instead of carbonated drinks.

Eating spicy food

If you eat spicy food or oily food then may you increase your chances of developing canker sore in the mouth.

Deficiency of vitamin

If you skip vitamin in your diet than you are dragging yourself to the several diseases such as night blindness and canker sore of mouth.

Mouth cancer

These sore of mouth could be the reason of mouth cancer you should make an appointment with any heath consultant.