Menstrual cramps

Menstrual Cramps or Dysmenorrheal

Menstrual cramps are jerks of pain that affect a woman before the start of menstrual cycle or during the menstrual cycle. Mostly these aches are felt in the abdominal part or beneath the naval side. These cramps are very painful for the women. Almost every third woman suffers from this pain.

This pain starts when ovum do travel toward fallopian tube during ovlution.these cramps are of two types.

  1. Primary dysmenorrheal
  2. Secondary dysmenorrheal


Primary dysmenorrheal

This is painful cramps seen visible before during or before periods this is due to the contraction of uterus due too ovulation. This sort of pain appears in early twenties. This pain remains only for three days only.

Secondary dysmenorrheal

These cramps are due to some pelvic disorder. The main reason behind this pain is due sexually transmitted disease or due to disorder which we carry through reproductive system. These cramps tend to be longer than primary dysmenorrheal. This sort of pain is unbearable for the woman. Dozens of women feel unconscious in this state endometriosis in which blood is pulled toward the lining of uterus.

Symptoms of menstrual cramps

  1. Vomiting seen visible during the initial days of periods due to the affect of contraction in abdomen.
  2. Aches in thighs and backbones are also associated with dysmenorrheal.
  3. Women feel dizziness while suffering from this disorder.
  4. Women also complaint about the loose stools or a light form of diarrhea.
  5. Irritation and mood swings seen visible during periods due to painful cramps.

How to treat menstrual cramps by home remedies

Green tea with cinnamon

Hot beverages are blessing for a woman who is suffering from painful aches in abdomen. A full mug of green tea with cinnamon stick can give you relief. Whenever you feel bad in the abdominal muscles then you should take tea made-up of cinnamon stick.

Hot bottle

This is an easy way to pacify your terrible condition. Place hot bottle over your stomach and thighs. It will produce soothing affect all over your body.

Avoid carbonated drinks

If you are addicted of carbonated drinks then you have to leave this habit. It depends  upon the ration of carbonated soda you spend directly it affects your all over painful cramps.

Exercise regularly

Make a habit to start your day with daily exercise and yoga it will enhance your power to bear contraction of uterus and also you will able to tolerate labor pain during delivery. Obese woman do face hindrance during delivery time.