Masturbation and its Side effects

Masturbation and its Side effects

Basically masturbation is defined as the term self pleasuring with own body. Commonly masturbation is usually a process in which a person stimulates it by touching genitals. People in their teenage frequently masturbate to release themselves, some people in favor of not to do masturbation in their lives. when boys and girls step in their adulthood they feel random physical changes in their bodies and they want to know about their rising sexuality and want to explore their bodies so they choose to masturbate. Masturbation is not new or not just belong to this age it use to happen in early stone ages and this tradition comes off to the ancient days.

Other people tend to stimulate themselves due to extra ordinary need of their physical sensation or may be the other reasons of this delay of marriages or higher libido and fear to tell their partner or may be that case in our traditional culture sex prior marriages is considered taboo thing and illegal too. Third case is that people who belong to lower socio economic families can’t afford child rearing. Masturbation embarrasses you in front of your partner and makes a sense of guilty in solitude. Religion condemns the practice of masturbation so people also use to hide this fact of obsession. It also damages or leaves bad impacts on all over your goals of life.

Side effects of masturbation

Erectile dysfunction

They people who are addicted to the masturbation use to face several problems one of them is erectile dysfunction. It deregulate you sex timing. So in this way you are ruing your sex life.

Affecting libido

With the beginning of time your sexual urge is on the peak but with the passage of time span it try to lower down and you feel perplexed over it. So you push yourself toward sexual degradation.

Damaging sperm count

While doing masturbation you use to ejaculate daily and it affects its whole of production and resulting lowering all over proportion of sperm count. This also damages the frequency of conceiving baby. In all those aspects masturbation damages you physically and emotionally.

How to get rid from the curse of masturbation

New generation and adults are worried about the procedure how they can get rid of addiction of masturbation.

Stay coherent and busy

Engage yourself in healthy activities to distract yourself from the nasty thoughts. Gardening, listening music and doing home chores are the best ways to get an escape through dirty ideas.

Eat vegetables fruits

Our physical activities are controlled through the energy that we get through our meal. We should eat huge amount of vegetables and fruits in the evening to calm down sexual desire. If you go on eating meat you may boost your high inclination towards sex.try to drink 2 liters of water to level your immune system.


Do exercise on regular basis to fight against your will power and to build stamina.

Avoid solitude

You must have listened a famous proverb empty mind is the key place of devil…so try to avoid solitude and sit in the gathering of parents and intellectuals.