How to Do Makeup on Oily Skin Types

It’s very difficult to handle oily skin the main reason is that oily luster ruin your appearance of skin and it also damages the layers of make you apply on the skin. After doing makeup your all foundation and concealer start melting in a spur of moment and your skin start losing is adolescence. Just because of these reason you do afraid to do make that your all handwork will be flush down after a while due to excess of oil.

Sebaceous glands are responsible for generating oil on the skin its natural procedure but it is produced from a certain level and irritates you as well then it should be cured promptly.

There are several advantages of oily skin that you don’t need moisturizer every time you go outside for meetings, gathering or for hangout with friends. Other benefit of having oily skin is that you will get less wrinkles on face in your ageing affect as compared to dry skin person.

Excess production of oil could result because of many reasons. Such as dietary fault and eating so much junk food that contains fats and oil. Hormonal changes can cause excess oil like menopause or taking birth control pills. That could be genetic that your ancestor suffer from this disorder and you are having the same issue.

First of all you should cure your oily skin before applying makeup. After using these treatments your make would be sustain for long time.

Lemon juice

This fruit is full with vitamin C which is very essential to keep the skin healthy and well balanced in its chemical composition. It also has anti septic qualities that will kill all your germs that are residing over the surface of your skin. Juice of lemon is very reacting chemical for skin so it should be pacify with honey and then it should applied all over face. After this wait for 15 minutes then wash it away with water.


Tomatoes also have a quality for skin that it absorbs extra oil from the skin and leave it refreshing and glowing for several hours. Before doing make wash your face with quality soap. After washing it cut tomato slices and rub it over nose and chin very oil producing glands working harder. Wait for fifteen minutes then rinse it warm water.

Applying makeup on oily skin

First of all make your skin free from dust for this wash it with Luke warm water.

Using of toner

For proper base use a oil fee toner that makeup won’t melt due to oil submergence. Take a sponge and squeeze a little amount of toner on it and rub it all over the skin and don’t forget the edges of the skin.

Moisturizer with spf

As we know that during summer or long hours under sun cause excess oil on the skin. To reduce this problem after toner use a moisturizer on skin which has the quality of sunscreen? Choose a moisturizer with quality SPF that can save you from scorching heat. After these struggles you can put daily dose of make these tactics assure that your skin won’t get oil quickly.