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Latest Fashion Trends of 2016

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Fashion and makeup belong to the nature of women every girl do like improvements in her beauty. Since makeup is just like obligatory tenet for a woman. Beauty never depends upon anything but make up can merge up to throw a new glance to the person who do so. Every year toss a new trend to the people of the region or to the globe. This year also bring new colors of fashion and trends. There are also new reforms and techniques have been introduced in the field of makeup. Every time new trends in fashion lag behind the older trends if some trends generate exalt on the minds of people then become pervasive for long time in the region.
In the new wave of fashion use of foundation is not necessary. In latest tendency foundation should used least not like applying of layer on all over faces. Light colors of lipsticks are in fashion but not radiant ones. Invent your own color of lipstick by merging up two different shades of color then see the difference. According to experts eye shades should blend in this way that other person could not figure out how second shade start emerging after first one. Use lip liner because it resist the lipstick to come out from the boundary line. There are several make up products in the market which you can use in different alignment such as you can use the eye pencil on the lips instead of eyes. In this way blushers could be used as eye shades.
There should also a proper concentration on the and make over without eyes are not possible to spread glow. In 60s and 70s there had been new styles in applying kajal and mascara. In early ages black kajal was used but not now. But now new gray color is used for this purpose several shades of gray color is used. If you don’t have this shade then you don’t have to worry about this situation you can make this by yourself by merging two shades of silver and black. Do blend it in right quantity and mix it well then save it in a container preserve it in fridge and use it later for your beauty. Eyeliner should be used in upper lid within the boundary.thich winged and lean winged eye liner are used to make eye makeup unique and attractive..In initial stages you won’t be expert in drawing a perfect alignments bit practice will make you better in doing so.