irregular periods

Irregular Periods / Irregular Menstrual Cycle or Menorrhagia

Every second girl complaints about irregular periods or about menorrhagia .the period go on missing on the expected date or date is go far away or sometimes periods or menstrual cycles does not happen in the month of heavy flow of bleeding are some certain symptoms of the irregular periods.

These are the point that shocks a lady most than anything other thing in her life.

There could be several reasons that affect your monthly cycle.

Anxiety and over thinking

Yes you don’t realize that when we are over stressed our endocrine system trigger stress hormone to overcome over feelings .our estrogen g lost in all this while. In state suffering from any trauma or pain our estrogen level fall from a proper threshold and body does not maintain or trigger hormone to cause menstrual cycle. Our body is formed in such regard it does work on the striking causes that we need more and throw it other unnecessary schedule our body work on the principle of priority scheduling thatswhy stress takes priority and menstrual cycle lag behind in this case and we miss our periods due to this clash. So neglect anxiet6y and stress for sake of monthly menstrual cycle.

Nutritional causes

If you are not getting enough nutrition that may cause Irregular  periods. Other causes might be you are not taking worthy nutrients like healthy meal like meat, fish or vegetables instead of that you are drinking carbonated drinks and fast food that may trigger cortisol hormone that inhibit the function of sex hormone and your body forget to manage biological menstrual cycle.

For overcoming these situations leave that food which contains extra ordinary amount of sugar and iodide salt.

Sudden weight loss or weight gain

If you are losing weight on instant conditions with extreme diet or with crush diet of several hours. Other condition is that you are gain weigh on alarming conditions these are the ways you can face Irregular  periods. In addition our body does not remain daily schedule and fats are burning rapidly that make our hormones disturb in this way heavy menstrual cycle seen visible.

Over exercising

It is good if you do exercise on regular basis but everything should be done on the level of moderation. Excess of everything is bad. Due over exercise pressure on adrenal glands is increased from certain level and release cortisol hormone and in this way the function of estrogen also backstabber.

So exercise just for one to two hours not more than this otherwise you will miss your menstrual cycle or it could result in heavy bleeding.

Smoking and alcohol

The consumption of alcohol and smoking weed can harm your menstruation. The reason behind this situation is nicotine that affects your biological function and monthly periods as well.