How to Improve Eyesight Naturally

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No doubt clear vision is a blessing of ALLAH ALMIGHTY   that one could see without any virtual distortion. People with weak eyesight and blurred vision see objects in vague manner.

Other who use to wear glasses feel burden on head and burning in effect on eyes. People tend to perform expensive LASIK surgery to get rid of glasses this sort of surgeries are risky on the other hand no one wants to go under knives .Here we are going to tell you natural ways to improve your eyesight.

Here are some exercises for the workout of eyesight.

Staring on distant objects

The person who is habitual to spend much time in reading or writing task or long hours in front of computer is providing heavy pressure on eye muscles. The easy procedure for soothing pair of eyes is staring distant objects which is 12 feet away from you. Take a pen fix a calculated distance then stare it thoroughly place it away then placing it toward yourself focusing on the tip.

Rubbing palm over eyes

Should provide rest to your eyes while working on the job after several of hours.  Just shut your eyes and focus on the darkness and calm your eyes and rub your palms together and put on eyes, rubbing will create static charge that is much enhancing in retinal muscles.

Rolling eyes

Another way to calm and strengthen eye muscles is shutting eyes and moving eyes upward then moving them in downward direction. Then relax for a while repeat this method for couple of second. Now perform this exercise roll your eyes clockwise then stop then move them back in anticlock wise direction. This is healthy workout for retinal muscles of eyes.

Blinking and zooming

As a way to get relaxation and freshness blinking is powerful tool. Blinking will quench the need of your muscles maintain your comfort level and the ability to focusing on the things. Blinking  ‘ll also help you out to moisture your eye lead reducing the risk of abrasion. Moreover to increase capability of muscles is zooming objects far away with you…


To treat eye muscles well pour some drops of olive on hands and rub them gently them put your hands over eyes and move your finger across you eye lids push them slightly then move in circular motion then rotate it in previous manner repeat this several times. It will also help you out in relieving headache.

Sometimes eyes got weaker due to improper diet and deficiency of mineral

Boost your diet to improve eyesight   in order to achieve good vision full your diet cart with fresh leafy vegetables and pigmented fruits.

Choose your regular intake of mineral wisely just go through those substances which are necessary for vision. First of all gi through those vegetable and fruits which are rich in vitamin A and vitamin c. one should keep it in mind that lutein pack food should also be preferred instead of junk food which is delicious but not longer beneficial for eyesight.

Make a diet chart that which you are going to follow strictly.

Here are some magical foods that should be added to make wonders for pair of eyes.


No doubt you have already heard about the benefits of carrots. It is enriched with vitamin A , vitamin C, Calcium, and lutein. Nature has packed all those elements to benefit human eyes. It has beta carotene to run the retinal muscles in function order. Make a fresh glass of carrot juice in morning and drink it for proper vision.


This is another vegetable that will tackle your vision problem it is rich in vitamin A and also posses other necessary anti oxidants that would supplements for eyes diseases. Make salad of kale or chop into pieces or add them with juice is up to your desire.


Those who have studied agricultural subjects better know about the nutritional benefits of corn which is packed with all those mineral that can improve vision and eyesight.

Salmon fish

This is enriched with omega three fatty acid which are proved good for eyes muscles to keep running their functions.